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Eco friendly Heat Pumps are the most cost effective way of heating the swimming pool. Electric Pool Heaters are the cheapest heating equipment to buy. Solar Panels for Pool heating are very effective when the sun shines but ideally for the UK you will need a back up heating source such as an Electric pool heater or Swimming pool heat pump.

Calorex plunge pool chillers

Calorex Plunge Pool Chillers

Calorex plunge pool chillers are ideal for leisure and sports club applications. Capable of chilling to 10c these packaged chillers can be easily incorporated into a plunge pool system used for sports recovery and rehabilitation.


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Pool & Spa Control Panels

The Certikin pool control panels offer an off-the-shelf, cost effective solution for pool plant control for any heater type.

From £105.00 to £3,342.00

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Swimming Pool Heaters

There are many ways to heat your pool water and with the uncertainty of the UK weather, every pool should have a heater. Whatever the weather, the pool will be used much more if the water is warm. Here are some of the best options available:

  • Electric Pool Heaters - The cheapest heating equipment to buy. We recommend the UK-made Elecro range of swimming pool heaters. The Electric  Pool Heater can be run on an off-peak tariff (overnight) for cost effective heating. This will reduce the running costs by up to 2/3rds. A qualified electrician must make any electrical connections for a swimming pool system. As the heater works in conjunction with the pool pump, a timer for the system is required. In the Filtration shed/plant room, the heater would be plumbed in-line after the sand filter. The heater is flow activated so it will only come on when the pump is running and water is flowing through the system. It has a built-in thermostat, so when the pool is up to the temperature you require, it will automatically switch to stand-by.

 Vulcan Plug Play electric heater

  • Gas Heaters - The good thing about gas for pool heating is that there is no premium on the time of day when you heat the pool.The gas supply (whether natural or propane) must be connected by a Corgi-registered heating engineer. Physically a much larger unit than an electric heater, the Gas heater can either be situated outside or inside, but the latter would require an indoor flue kit. The Gas heater would be plumbed in-line after the sand filter.

 Jandy lite Gas boiler

  • Heat Pumps - If you are looking to save money on the cost of pool heating and reduce your carbon footprint, then you should seriously consider an eco friendly heat pump as your best option. Working like a refrigerator in reverse, the Heat pump is usually sited outside where it draws any heat from the air and transfers it into energy to heat the pool water. The Alto Unit will work down to a temperature of 5°C and the RA models work down to a temperature of 0°. The higher the outside air temperature, the more efficient the Heat pump will be. The 9kW, 12kW and 15kW heat pumps only require a 13amp supply so will only cost as much as a 3kW to run, which can be very cost effective. Easily plumbed into existing pipework, it requires a hard standing area with at least 50 - 80cm clearance from any walls. The RA models can be sited indoors by using our 'through the wall' conversion kit.

RA deluxe 14Kw Heat Pump

Solar Panels - Free heat for your pool water from the most reliable energy source. Panels are connected in-line with the filtration system either at ground level, on a bank, on a suitable roof or on a purpose-designed structure. The panels work best in a completely unshaded area and at an angle of between 15° - 40º. Customers usually have another form of heating as a backup, but most people use their pools on solar panels from April to September. Aluminium frame kits are available for installations on level ground and flat roofs.

Solar panels heating pools

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