Range of Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

 Automatic or Robitic Swimming Pool Cleaners fall into 3 catagories. Electric Robotic Pool Cleaners, Boost Pump Cleaners and Suction Swimming Pool Cleaners. Whether it be an above ground liner swimming pool or an In ground concrete pool or a tiled pool, there is a Pool Vacuum system to suit your requirements. You can spend less time and effort on cleaning and more time swimming.

  • Automatic Suction Cleaners - Attach the cleaners vacuum hose to the Vac plate in the skimmer or the vac point in the pool wall. Suction is created when the filter pump is turned on in the Plant room. The Auto cleaner will randomly cover the base of the pool and dirt and debris will be deposited into the sand filter. Ideal for Above ground pools with a constant depth.  
  • Automatic Boost Pump Cleaners - The external booster pump (usually 1HP)  creates the suction and drives the unit along. The debris from the pool is collected in a bag for easy disposal.


  • Automatic Electric Cleaners - The low voltage motor  within the cleaner creates a powerful drive and suction action which is independent of your pool filtration system. In most cases this type of cleaner will climb slopes, walls and steps. Programmable for fast or intensive cleaning cycles. Cleaner 'caddies' are usually included. Dolphin Supreme M4 and M5 cleaners, Vortex 4 and Star Vac II are highly recommended. Nitro cleaners and the Dolphin Supreme M3 are great value for money


  • Parts and Spares - We can get your cleaner back in the pool and working again.We stock a huge range of parts and spares for all types of Automatic swimming pool cleaners, including Dolphin, Baracuda, Kreepy Krauly, Polaris, Hayward, Zodiac and the Sta Rite Pool Shark. Send us an email with your requirements: sales@dolphinpools.co.uk 





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  • We operate a 'TRY BEFORE YOU BUY SCHEME' on most of our Dolphin range of cleaners. Also, if you already own a  Dolphin cleaner, we have an excellent repair and service engineering department. Send us an email with your requirements: sales@dolphinpools.co.uk 

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