Quality Swimming Pool Solar Cover Reels & Roller systems

Swimming pool Reel system will keep the Solar cover in order. Swimming Pool Roller systems quickly and easily remove and replace the solar cover in only a few minutes.

Slidelock roller

Plastica Domestic Slidelock Telescopic Reel System

A very high quality British-made reel system suitable for in-ground or above-ground pools with decking up to top rail level. 

Whatever size the swimming pool, winding a solar cover off can be hard work. Motorized systems are a great option but the high cost can be prohibitive, and the mechanics needed to make them work means they can often look large and cumbersome, not enhancing the look of a lovely swimming pool.

SmartGear was created to make these concerns a thing of the past. It is a simple, highly effective 3:1 ratio gearbox which makes light work of winding a cover onto a reel. It has been specifically designed to be retrofitted to the Plastica Slidelock reel, making it an affordable option.

Various fixing options for efficient and convenient cover removal. 

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From £110.00 to £2,990.00

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Waterpik Swimming Pool Reel System

Waterpik Roller System

A very popular, good quality roller system that can be easily adapted to suit many types of above-ground and in-ground pool installations.



From £1.00 to £395.00

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Premium In-Ground Solar Cover Reel System

A stylish, versatile and mobile in-ground reel system that is excellent value for money. This domestic in-ground premium reel system is an extremely mobile device comprised of 1 mobile end with 2 wheels and 1 static stand giving a sturdy and stable reel system. Can be used with above-ground pools that have decking up to the top coping level. 


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Premium Above Ground Solar Cover Reel System

The stationary stainless steel system for your above ground pool. 

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Monaco Premier C  81375

Monaco Reel Systems

Monaco Standard Reels feature anodised aluminium tubes and an extra long clamping bar for stability and strength, and are easily adjusted. The stands are made from stainless steel for added stability, and adjustable feet make it suitable for uneven surfaces.

The Monaco Solar Sun Reel is a fixed reel with a German-manufactured electric motor powered by a solar charged battery. 

The slim control box is made from 316 stainless steel, vented and IP67 rated with a large solar collector for trickle charging attached to it. It is operated by a three-way switch and also has a battery charger terminal. The whole control box & solar collector (Solar Pack) can be rotated to get the best solar gain. Simple to install with accessible and easy to fit ground fixings. 

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From £880.00 to £2,760.00

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Deluxe Reel Protector - white

Deluxe Reel and Solar Cover Protector

Protector Covers will increase the life of your solar cover, protect your reel system from the elements and keep dust and dirt from adhering to the surface of the cover. For use in summer or winter.  

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From £13.00 to £197.00

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Helios II solar reel

Helios Motorised Solar Cover Reel

Eco friendly, self contained motorised reel. Very easy to set up and to use. 

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From £2,131.00 to £2,198.00

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Certikin Solex Reel System

Certikin Solex Solar Powered Roller

The Certikin Solex solar powered roller is specifically designed to be economical, flexible and simple, offering a convenient progression from a standard manual pool roller without the hardship of providing an electrical supply. 

Fully self powered through a photovoltaic panel which steadily tops up a fully contained dry-cell battery, even on cloudy days, the Solex roller can be installed on new and existing outdoor domestic pools and will accommodate solar blankets of up to 6 metres wide and 13 metres long. The sturdy, anodised aluminium telescopic roller tube allows flexibility of size and the aluminium and PVC stands give strong impact resistant end supports.

Operation is by a simple switch mounted on one of the end stands, and the 12v in tube motor has adjustable limits in order that the positioning of the cover can be consistently accurate and automatic. The use of an Aquablade towing system is strongly recommended for covers using the Solex roller and the roller should be mounted over the end of the pool, not set back. 

A photovoltaic (PV) cell is a device that converts light energy into electrical energy by the photovoltaic effect. The PV cell consists of one or two layers of a semi conducting material, usually silicon. When light shines on the cell it creates an electric field across the layers causing electricity to flow. The greater the intensity of the light, the greater the flow of electricity. The collection and conversion of solar energy is a completely pollution free renewable energy process. 

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Commercial pool rollers and cover systems

Commercial Pool Rollers & Cover Systems

**This is a Price On Application product. Please call the office before placing your order**

Suitable for almost any size and style of commercial pool, indoor or outdoor, Certikin's offering of a tried and tested range of cover and roller systems suits the standard and the more unusual environment and specification. 

With a range of manual and motorised options manufactured from the highest grade materials, the reel systems are complemented perfectly by a wide choice of cover alternatives to allow the best possible efficiencies in operation and the highest levels of heat retention.

Heat retention is a key factor in any pool environment, but especially so in a commercial one. A high quality heat retention cover will reduce heat loss by up to 85% and make considerable savings in energy as well as reducing chemical evaporation and condensation levels. Our commercial systems can be pre-fitted with a range of covers including heat retention bubble materials and a variety of high density, closed-cell, polyethylene foam, offering a solution for practically all requirements and budgets.


  • Mobile Reels - Single or Twin (Piggy Back) systems
  • Floor, wall, ceiling and column mounted motorised systems
  • Bench style manual or motorised systems
  • Pedestal mounted manual systems

The roller systems can be straight manual, manual with a 5:1 gear system (bot via a turning crank), or motorised which can be remote or key switch operated. For the latter, motors can be single or three phase and voltage can be transformed down for pool edge system.

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A reel or roller system is an essential piece of swimming pool equipment. The straps attach to a solar cover or heat retention cover and as the steering wheel is turned, the cover should glide effortlessly on to the roller. If you have an above-ground pool, then the Waterpik reel system is the easiest to set up as it can be attached to posts or the top rail. For in-ground pools, then there are a number of very good reels available. The Slidelock reel system for example is ideal for larger heavy duty covers, with large steering wheels and a castor system for the stands which allow total mobility around the pool. A gear box can be fitted to the Slidelock to make even the heaviest covers a breeze to take off. 

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