Everything you need for good pool keeping. Vacuum heads, telescopic poles, leaf nets, flexible hoses, pool coving, liner repair kits and much more.

Commercial ultra vac filtration cart

Commercial Ultra Vac Filtration Cart

The Ultra Vac Portable Cart offers a versatile and easily portable comprehensive cleaning solution. 

Combining the unique filtration properties of the MultiCyclone Plus MC12 and Supastream self-priming pump the Ultravac is an ideal maintenance tool for commercial or large domestic applications.

Vacuuming through the Multicyclone unit enables you to remove debris out of the pool or water feature without losing water. The cart is made from strong powder coated structural steel to meet the most demanding of environments.

The cartridge element in the filter is made from high strength polyester backed up with a sturdy plastic core for ultimate durability. The MultiCyclone sediment bowl is simply cleaned by opening the purge valve.

From £33.00 for 8-16' Premium Vac Pole with Magnetic Retriever

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Swimming Pool Deluxe Deep Bag Net these nets attach to a telescopic pole

Heavy Duty Deep Bag Nets, Rakes and Metal Rimmed Leaf Rake

Perfect for netting larger amounts of leaves and other sunken debris. All have sturdy, durable frames and large mesh bags. 

Heavy-duty pool leaf rakes provide great convenience and excellent results. There's nothing more tedious and frustrating than spending too much time skimming leaves out of pool water with a tiny, flimsy leaf rake. That's why our heavy-duty swimming pool leaf rakes can make such a difference in the lives of pool owners. With sturdy, durable frames and large-volume mesh bags, our heavy-duty pool leaf rakes will pick up more leaves and debris per scoop.

NB The products may vary slightly from the photos


From £12.95 for Heavy Duty Leaf Rake

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Pool Blaster Catfish

Pool Blaster Catfish Pool Cleaner

The Pool Blaster Catfish is unlike any other pool and spa vacuum available today. Combining a lightweight, portable design with uncompromised suction and cleaning power, the Catfish is the ideal tool for any water application. Small enough to navigate the waters of spas and fountains, but strong enough to clean above ground and in ground pools, the Catfish can handle the toughest of dirt with ease and efficiency.

The Catfish pool cleaner is powered by environmentally safe, rechargeable batteries allowing cordless and hoseless operation for up to 45 minutes of continuous use. The Catfish Max Cone technology compacts the gravel dirt, leaves and other type of debris into its easy to empty reusable filter bag. 


From £33.50 for Pool Blaster Catfish - pack of 5 micro filter bags

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swimming pool surface skim net attaches to telescopic pole

Surface Skim Nets

Skimmer nets are ideal for skimming the surface of the water, picking up leaves, flies and other debris from the pool surface. Each net will connect to all standard telescopic poles and has a patented wishbone frame to hold and support it firmly in place and make it easier to control in the swimming pool.

Five  different designs available: Economy, Deluxe Graphite,  Aluminium and Superior Red Leopard. 


The actual product may vary slightly from the online photo


From £6.75 for Economy Surface Leaf Skim Net

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Heavy Duty Backwash Hose For Swimming Pools

15m Heavy Duty Backwash Hose

A strong 15m reinforced 1 1/2" backwash hose for fewer leaks. 30m reinforced backwash hoses also availible. Folds and rolls flat for easy storage. 

From £24.95 for 15m Heavy duty backwash hose

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Pool Bouy Chemical Dispensers for Swimming Pool Sanitation

Multi Funtional Relax Pool Buoys

NEW Going on holiday? Or looking for a simpler way of multi treating your pool? 

Float one of these slow release dispensers and come home to a clear pool, make your leisure a simple pleasure Relax.

Contains Chlorine tablets with stabiliser, Algicide and Clarifier all in a handy floating dispenser.

From £23.95 for 1 Kg Small Buoy

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Half Moon Vac Head   Liner Pools

Half Moon Liner Vacuum Head

Quality Half Moon Liner vacuum Head Weighted to keep it flat on the bottom of the pool.

From £21.60 for Half Moon Liner Vacuum Head

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Telescopic pole

Telescopic Poles

Deluxe quality telescopic poles, in handy lengths to suit all sizes of above ground swimming pools.Use with vacuum heads, nets and brushes. Also attach to a Life hook for maximum safety in your pool.

From £29.95 for 4ft - 12ft Standard Telescopic Pole

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Heavy Duty Flexible Vacuum Hoses of various lengths for pool maintenance

Heavy Duty Deluxe Cuffed Vacuum Hoses and Reel

 Heavy duty flexible vacuum hoses in convenient lengths with strong swivel cuffs at each end.  Also add a sturdy vacuum Hose Reel.

From £25.00 for 12 Meter Vac Hose Sale no box

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Flat rolled Backwash Hose for swimming pools

5m Standard Backwash Hose

Value for money plastic hose to take the dirty water from your sand filter to a convenient soak away.

From £9.70 for 5m Standard backwash hose

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Cover Saver device for winter debris covers

Cover Drain for Winter Debris Cover

Above-ground pool winter debris covers can be non-porous, therefore it is important that excess water is drained off the cover when necessary by using a Cover Saver.

This invaluable device lays on the winter debris cover with syphon tube and bulb attached. Just squeeze the bulb to start the syphon which easily removes the excess water without the device clogging up with any leaves which may have fallen on the cover - an absolute must when you're winterising your pool. 



From £24.75 for Cover saver for Winter Debris Cover

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Pre Formed Coving

Pre-Formed Coving

All metal walled above ground pools require a cove to be constructed around the base of the wall before fitting the liner. Most above ground pool manufacturers' instructions specify that this is done with 'sifted dirt' or ' washed builders sand'. However, Pre-formed coving is more convenient, more secure and will help in achieving a more professional looking liner fit.

From £14.50 for Pre-Formed Coving - List price £17.94

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Pool Blaster Max

Pool Blaster Max

The Pool Blaster Max is a quality Rechargeable Battery Powered, Cordless Pool and Spa Vacuum. Attaches to any standard pool pole and quickly removes all Debris, Leaves, Sand...even Algae.

Very easy to use, no hoses or cords to get tangled. It has a reusable bag and a rechargeable battery. The Pool Blaster Max cleans all types, sizes and surfaces of Pools and Spas.


From £39.95 for Pool Blaster Max - all purpose extreme filter bag

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Liner Super Aero Weighted Vacuum Head.

Liner Super Aero Weighted Vacuum Head

This is a quality vacuum head that is weighted. Especially suitable for liner pools.

From £21.95 for Vacuum Head for Liners Super Aero Weighted Head

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Economy Vacuum Hose

Economy 1.5" Vacuum Hose

Economy but quality Vacuum Hose. Cuffed at both ends.

From £26.95 for 7.5m Economy 1.5" Vacuum Hose

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No 1 Concrete Vacuum Head

Vacuum Heads for Concrete Pools

Excellent quality and a choice of vacuum heads for use on in-ground concrete pools.

From £15.50 for Vacuum Heads for inground Concrete Pools

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Above ground pool Standard skimmer and return inlet

Standard Above Ground Skimmer c/w Return

Standard skimmer replacement for most Above ground pools

From £49.50 for Standard Skimmer kit

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wide angle skimmer and return

Wide Angle Above Ground Skimmer c/w Return

Wide Angle replacement skimmer for above ground pools

From £69.50 for Wide Angle Skimmer kit

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Swimming pool Automatic water leveler

Automatic Water Leveller by Certikin

Automatically top up your pool  water level without supervision. A very useful addition that could  save you time and concerns if your water levels drop unexpectedly.

From £152.95 for Automatic Water Leveller

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Pool Cover Water Removal Pump

Safety Cover Pump

Uniquely designed automatic pool cover pump is ideal for removing water from all types of pool covers.

From £376.00 for Safety Cover Pump

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Clownfish floating thermometer

Clownfish Pool and Spa Floating Thermometers

 NEW Clownfish thermometer has a very clear and easy thermometer scale. It is also a cheerful fun addition to your pool or spa although it is not a toy.

From £10.95 for Soft Pool ans Spa Floating Thermometers

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18in Standard Pool Brush

18in Standard Pool Brush and Aluminium backed Brush

Safe and easy removal of dirt and algae from liner pool walls.Two Designs available Standard and Deluxe

From £6.95 for 18in Standard Plastic Pool Brush

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floating chemical dispenser for swimming pools

Floating Chemical Dispenser

For easy chemical dosing just add tablets and let the dispenser do the rest.

Small Dispenser ideal for Hot Tubs with 20g Chlorine Tablets

Large Dispenser ideal for Pools using either 20g Chlorine or 200g Multi Tabs

From £6.00 for Small Dispenser

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Shark Thermometer

Thermometer Shark Series

The Thermometer features a float at the top allowing accurate pool water temperature measurement, without removing it from the water.

From £39.95 for Thermometer Shark Series

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