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Whether you prefer Traditional Sauna , Infra Red Sauna or a combination of both, our  range of Saunas offers you MORE. More natural, more effective, more comfortable, more convenient, more private, more relaxing and much, much more affordable than you think.

Infra red Saunas    

Traditional Saunas

Combi Saunas

Helo Heater for Commercial or Domestic Use

Sauna Heaters - Commercial Use

These Commercial Heaters are for use with remote control panels they can also be used for domestic purposes.

From £580.00 for 6kW heater - add stones 20kg

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Helo Control Panel

Helo Control Panels & Stones

A traditional Sauna Heater Control panel single and three phase.

From £33.00 for Sauna stones - 20kg

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5 ltrs sauna fragrance

Sauna Accessories & Fragrances

Add to your Sauna experience with these great accessories and Sauna Fragrances.

From £4.80 for Bulb 240v 40w

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