Dolphin Leisure UK offer an immense range of high quality swimming pool equipment and accessories including; solar covers, winter covers, reel & roller systems, swimming pool ladders, pool heaters, de-humidifiers, automatic pool cleaners, swimming pool pumps & filters, pool lights, maintenance equipment, pipework & pipe fittings, pool liners, swimming machines, skimmers, pool fittings and water features for commercial and domestic swimming pools

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Swimming pool equipment and accessories from Dolphin Leisure, a wide range of products to improve the efficiency and enjoyment of your pool.

Add a MultiCyclone Centrifugal Water Filter to your filtration system a pre- filtration device that is capable of saving water. A very Eco friendly product.

Our swimming pool heaters are perfect for keeping your pool warm during the uncertainty of UK weather and we have equipment that can keep your pool heated through a number of different methods. Swimming pool heaters could be electric, gas, oil or even solar powered. Whatever your pool configuration, we have heaters for any swimming pool.

Swimming pool accessories include such necessary equipment as reel & roller systems, pumps and filters and maintenance equipment.

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Swimming pool equipment for maintenance and preservation includes all the equipment you may need for cleaning and effective maintenance of your pool. We also stock an innovative selection of automatic pool cleaners and cleaning accessories to make your life easier and ensure that your swimming pool is a pleasant and safe haven for your family.

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