Winterising your outdoor pool requires a Winter debris cover. Whether it's an above ground pool or an In ground pool there are winter covers to suit both.

The winter cover for an above ground pool wraps over the top rail and secures using a wire band and ratchet system.

The Winter debris cover for an In-ground pool must secure in some other way. When fully stretched over the pool usually there are straps that attach to anchors or springs, that are drilled into the pool surround.

Another option would be water bags which weigh down the cover and avoid drilling into the surround.

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Winter debris cover on round above ground pool

Winter Debris Cover - for ROUND above ground or Partly above ground Swimming Pools

Wouldn't it be nice to open up your pool in just a few minutes and find that it was as clean as when you closed it up in the autumn?

From £69.95 for to fit pool size 12ft Diameter

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Oval Winter debris covers

Winter Debris Cover - for OVAL above ground or part inground above ground Swimming pools

A Winter Debris Cover is a must. Wouldn't it be nice to open up your pool in just a few minutes and find that it was as clean as when you closed it up in the autumn? Suitable for above ground or partly in ground pools.

A quality cover keeps the water dark and cold during the winter.

From £5.00 for Cover Repair Kit (4 patches per kit)

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Water bags for Winter Cover

Water Tubes (for Winter Covers)

Quality water bags an easy method to secure your debris cover. For decked above ground pools or inground pools. No drilling no permanent installation required.

Two sizes available.

From £13.00 for Water Tubes for Winter covers (3ft 6") -BLUE

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Cover Saver device for winter debris covers

Cover Drain for Winter Debris Cover

Removes excess water from your Winter debris cover.

At Low Price while stocks last.


From £24.75 for Cover saver for Winter Debris Cover

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Ratchet attachment for winter debris cover

Ratchet or Wire Replacement for Winter Debris Cover

Broken Ratchet or Wire but sound Winter Debris Cover? The rachet and/or Wire is available as a spare part.

From £16.00 for Cover Ratchet

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Deluxe Winter Debris cover

Deluxe Winter Debris Cover

Woven Polyethylene inground Debris Cover. Includes straps and fixings.

From £537.00 for 12' x 24' (34 msq.)

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Water Bags 7' 6"

Water Tubes 7'6" / 2286mm Long

Good quality water Tubes are ideal for inground or decked Swimming Pools to secure your winter cover an easy way without drilling or permanent fixings.

From £23.00 for Water Tube 7'6" / 2286mm

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Air Pillow

Air Pillow

An Air Pillow is designed to fit under the winter cover to eradicate water build up on the cover surface. Also helps to protect the cover from freeze damage.

From £29.50 for Air Pillow

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Opaque Debris Cover Eyelet Version

Plastica New Opaque Debris Covers- Blue or Green

These Winter Debris Covers are tailored for your pool, making it an excellent barrier against leaves and debris whilst allowing rain water through

From £2.94 for Shaping Surcharges per sq m for shaped pools

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Great, Low Cost Safety Cover

Poolsaver Manual safety cover

Poolsaver Manual Safety Cover

The Poolsaver's tough construction ensures it will safely support up to 100kg and fully complies with the latest French safety laws (NF P 90-308)

From £570.00 for Roman End On Width -add

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