Winter debris cover on round above ground pool

Winter Debris Covers for Round Above-Ground or Partly In-Ground Swimming Pools

Wouldn't it be all kinds of fantastic to open up your pool in just a few minutes and find that it was as clean as when you closed it up in the autumn? 

One of the great advantages of owning an above ground swimming pool is the ability to seal off the water in the pool with a winter debris cover which actually prevents the rubbish and leaves from being blown in and decomposing during the winter close down period.

A quality cover which keeps the water cold and dark during the winter and fixes easily with a plastic covered steel drawstring and ratchet, will save hours of toil when it comes to opening up the pool in the spring.

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Cover price includes the correct size drawstring and ratchet.

We also recommend the use of a 'Cover Saver' surface water cover drainer with this product.


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