Pool Bouy Chemical Dispensers for Swimming Pool Sanitation

Multi Funtional Pool Buoys

Looking for a simpler way of multi treating your pool? Float one of these slow release dispensers and make dosing your pool a simple task. 

Contains chlorine tablets with stabiliser, algicide and clarifier all in a handy floating dispenser.

Full Description


  • Big buoy is designed for in-ground or larger above ground pools up to 24,000 gallons/ 110,000 litres 
  • Small buoy is designed for above ground pools up to 5,000 gallons/ 25,000 litres
  • One pool buoy treats pools for up to one month
  • Contains slow release chlorine tablets, chlorine stabiliser, clarifier and algaecide
  • Practical and simple to use
  • Minimises guesswork for pool owners
  • No more daily dosing
  • Ideal in conjunction with occasional use of granular chlorine
  • Perfect for keeping pools in sparkling condition when on holiday
  • Test kit or strips will keep a check on when to take the disperser out of the pool
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