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Shock Chlorine Granules

Before trouble starts, give your pool or hot tub a regular shock treatment - don't wait until you have cloudy or green water. Chlorine shock helps prevent and remove algae, and destroys swimmer wastes. May be used for regular disinfection. 

Preventative shocking is always the correct action, so make sure you always have plenty of shock in stock!

**There is currently a shortage of Chorine Shock UK-wide, and we only have limited stocks of 5kg and 2kg tubs. If you require a 1kg tub, please consider ordering non-chlorine shock instead - does the same job, just without the chorine!**

Full Description

If you practice shock treatment as a preventative maintenance application, you will begin to see real advantages.

Granular Shock Chlorine is very effective at restoring sparkling water from algae infestation. Also use this product if the pool has been neglected, if algae growth has appeared on the floors and walls of the pool, or there has been an exceptionally high bather load.


  • Better water quality
  • Lower overall operating costs
  • Easier maintenance schedules 
  • Happier, healthier pool/spa owners
  • Longer periods of uninterrupted swim time

Directions for use: 

  • Maintain pH levels within the ideal range 7.2 -7.6. If the level is not in this range it is best to adjust, using PH+ and PH-
  • Maintain free chlorine residuals routinely in the 1 -3mg/l (ppm) range. Shock procedures are recommended either weekly or fortnightly, or after a heavy bather load.
  • Pre-dissolve this product in a container of water and stir well to ensure product is fully dissolved. Add the resulting solution to the pool whilst the pump is turned on, preferably near the water inlets to aid distribution.
  • Repeat dose/application if necessary.
  • After using this product, pool water may become temporarily cloudy, so keep the filtration pump running until it clears, and make sure you backwash regularly.
  • After shock treatment, it is best to allow the chlorine to drop below 5mg/l before bathing recommences, and in any event wait for at least 30 minutes! Always test your water AFTER dosing and PRIOR to bathing. 

Because of a worldwide shortage of chlorine shock at the moment, the packaging may be different from the packaging shown in the pictures.  

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