Deluxe Reel Protector - white

Reel Solar Cover Protectors

Protector Covers will increase the life of your solar cover, protect your reel system from the elements and keep dust and dirt from adhering to the surface of the cover. For use in summer or winter.  

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Full Description


  • Reinforced PVC
  • Protects reel system from the elements
  • Made to allow for 355mm steering wheel
  • Comes complete with straps and blue press fix connectors - please note white cover comes with blue press fix connectors
  • Blue - keeps rain & frost from damaging reel system left outside - Ideal for winter use
  • White - reflects sun's rays & harmful UV to protect reel & Cover - Ideal for summer use

Small - Reels up to 15'

Medium - Reels up to 18'

Large - Reels up to 22'

Extra Large - Reels up to 26'

Blue Reflective Storage Sheet Features: 

  • Reduces the temperature of a stored cover by over 30 degrees C
  • Extend the life of your cover by protecting from sun damage
  • UV stabilised

White Solar Protector Sheet Features: 

  • This sheet will give protection for your solar cover but does not have the added reflection property

We suggest you purchase either the elasticated quick fit strap kit (pack of 3) or the 140cm elastic cord with toggle ends (pack of 8) to hold reflective storage cover or the solar protector sheet in place.

Note: Permanent damage will occur to the pool cover above 90oC.





Deluxe Reel Protector - Blue
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