Certikin Solex Reel System

Certikin Solex Solar Powered Roller

The Certikin Solex solar powered roller is specifically designed to be economical, flexible and simple, offering a convenient progression from a standard manual pool roller without the hardship of providing an electrical supply. 

Fully self powered through a photovoltaic panel which steadily tops up a fully contained dry-cell battery, even on cloudy days, the Solex roller can be installed on new and existing outdoor domestic pools and will accommodate solar blankets of up to 6 metres wide and 13 metres long. The sturdy, anodised aluminium telescopic roller tube allows flexibility of size and the aluminium and PVC stands give strong impact resistant end supports.

Operation is by a simple switch mounted on one of the end stands, and the 12v in tube motor has adjustable limits in order that the positioning of the cover can be consistently accurate and automatic. The use of an Aquablade towing system is strongly recommended for covers using the Solex roller and the roller should be mounted over the end of the pool, not set back. 

A photovoltaic (PV) cell is a device that converts light energy into electrical energy by the photovoltaic effect. The PV cell consists of one or two layers of a semi conducting material, usually silicon. When light shines on the cell it creates an electric field across the layers causing electricity to flow. The greater the intensity of the light, the greater the flow of electricity. The collection and conversion of solar energy is a completely pollution free renewable energy process. 

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Full Description


  • Photovoltaic panel topping up 5.7amp battery
  • No mains power or wiring required
  • Easy to install and operate
  • 12v in-tube motor with adjustable start/stop limits
  • Telescopic anodised aluminium 105mm/110mm diameter tube
  • Suitable for solar covers up to 6m x 12m
  • Supplied with cover to roller cords
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