Commercial pool rollers and cover systems

Commercial Pool Rollers & Cover Systems

**This is a Price On Application product. Please call the office before placing your order**

Suitable for almost any size and style of commercial pool, indoor or outdoor, Certikin's offering of a tried and tested range of cover and roller systems suits the standard and the more unusual environment and specification. 

With a range of manual and motorised options manufactured from the highest grade materials, the reel systems are complemented perfectly by a wide choice of cover alternatives to allow the best possible efficiencies in operation and the highest levels of heat retention.

Heat retention is a key factor in any pool environment, but especially so in a commercial one. A high quality heat retention cover will reduce heat loss by up to 85% and make considerable savings in energy as well as reducing chemical evaporation and condensation levels. Our commercial systems can be pre-fitted with a range of covers including heat retention bubble materials and a variety of high density, closed-cell, polyethylene foam, offering a solution for practically all requirements and budgets.


  • Mobile Reels - Single or Twin (Piggy Back) systems
  • Floor, wall, ceiling and column mounted motorised systems
  • Bench style manual or motorised systems
  • Pedestal mounted manual systems

The roller systems can be straight manual, manual with a 5:1 gear system (bot via a turning crank), or motorised which can be remote or key switch operated. For the latter, motors can be single or three phase and voltage can be transformed down for pool edge system.

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  • Manufactured to order with particular pool dimensions and surround conditions and facilities in mind
  • For motorised systems, full delivery and installation is available and recommended
  • Systems are made from highest quality stainless steels or hot dipped galvanised metals
  • Mobile reel system brackets are manufactured from mirror polished stainless steel and are mobilised on 125mm stainless steel castors
  • Tube diameters range from 200m (with a 35mm shaft) to 400m (with a 60mm shaft) depending on the size of the pool cover
  • Tube lengths can vary, and systems up to 17m wide as a single tube are possible
  • Connections and moving parts shrouded with GRP housings
  • Bench systems can be made from solid hardwood, or moulded GRP to colour of choice
  • All products are guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase against defective workmanship and materials.
  • Maintenance contracts are available



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