Calorex plunge pool chillers

Calorex Plunge Pool Chillers

Calorex plunge pool chillers are ideal for leisure and sports club applications. Capable of chilling to 10c these packaged chillers can be easily incorporated into a plunge pool system used for sports recovery and rehabilitation.

Full Description

Cold-water treatments have been used for thousands of years all over the world to maintain physical health. It improves circulation and the immune system, makes for healthy skin and hair and increases energy. A Calorex water chiller can provide a plunge pool in your home or business with the temperature you need. The chemical resistant cupro-nickel material of the heat exchangers and the use of R134a refrigerant means that these chillers can be connected directly to the pool water circuit and chill the water to10°C. Also, due to the weatherproof construction of the chillers, you have a range of installation options for both plants rooms and outside areas.

Whether you are a professional footballer, athlete or keen sports person, cold-water immersion is a very popular treatment method for repairing muscles and speeding up recovery from injuries. In certain situations, where 10°C is not cold enough, the water for these treatments is required to be as low as 4°C. Water may also need to be as low as this in some commercial and industrial processes. In these cases, the chillers can be connected in line with a stainless steel plate heat exchanger, and connected to the water. This allows a glycol mix to be used in the chiller to get the temperatures required.



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