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Certikin genie 35 - Condensing Gas Boiler

Certikin Genie Condensing Boiler

The Genie S now features a water-to-water heat exchanger with cupro-nickel tubes to provide long lasting durability even in salt chlorinated pools. Using condensing technology, the Genie range delivers up to a fantastic 94% efficiency compared to standard direct fired pool heaters which typically operate between 60 - 80%.

The Genie 36 Dual features all the benefits of the Genie S range, with the addition of connections and boiler controls for heating systems such as radiators, showers via DHW cylinders or dehumidifiers with air heater batteries. Available with 36kW (123,000BTU) output, the Genie 36 Dual is suitable for heating the majority of domestic pools or, if required, more than one unit can be coupled together to produce higher output. With 18kW available for domestic heating systems, the pool hall or changing facilities will be easily heated to the customer's requirements.

From £87.60 to £4,950.00

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Stainless Steel Rain Cap for Gas Pool Heater

Stainless Steel Rain Cap

From £59.74 to £79.31

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Natural Gas Heat

Certikin Propane Gas Heaters

The Certikin natural and propane gas heater swimming pool boiler is available with either natural gas or propane gas, and in a variety of sizes. 

A durable and efficient state-of-the-art swimming pool heating solution with a speedy, stress free and reliable high performance – extend your swimming pool season for longer!

Featuring a unique venting design and electronic ignition for easy, consistent performance (regardless of weather and wind conditions!) the Certikin natural and propane gas heater pool boiler is enhanced by an outdoor stackless top for additional weather resilience and is built to last with a robust, protective finish in a non-polluting material.

From £3,446.00 to £4,046.00

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