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A range of solar panels o power your setup more efficiently and eco friendly.

swimming pool solar heat pod

Solar Pod & Solar Pod Plus

The Plastica Solar Pod is an attractive dome shaped design - fantastic as an additional source of heating for your swimming pool. Very compact and easy to fit. 

Solar Pod Plus is almost double the size of the standard pod, giving you greater heat gain, and has a reflective underside to increase the heat trap.

Solar Pod operates by harnessing the free energy from the sun and transferring it into your pool water. Its heat trap technology with glass house effect captures energy within the ultra-clear polycarbonate dome and transfers heat to its polycarbonate heat exchanger.

Solar Pod’s clear dome also reduces heat loss from its heat exchanger caused by wind exposure.

Suitable for above-ground and in-ground pools

2 sizes available

From £10.20 to £333.60

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Solar Shower

Solar Shower

Deluxe Solar Shower reduces the amount of lotions, cosmetics, sand, dirt and other contaminants being introduced to the pool water by bathers. Perfect for the pool or patio area, the unit mounts to any flat surface. No plumbing or expensive installation required. Water is heated by solar power in the integral collector tank.


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PoolSolar box

PoolSolar Heating

PoolSolar heating is a low cost alternative to heating your above- or in-ground swimming pool throughout the summer months. Manufactured from EPDM, the PoolSolar heating system will not become brittle in low temperatures during the winter months.  

From £12.00 to £1,140.00

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Thermecro 1

Thermecro Evacuated Tube Solar Heating Systems - Price On Application

Thermecro Evacuated Tube technology converts 92% of solar radiation into heating your pool water. 

Constructed from materials such as titanium and polymer alloys, Thermecro is built to last, and has been engineered to withstand the harshest of climates.

Thermecro's integral ground support frame, pre-fitted solar controller and PEX pipe kit ensures that installation is both fast and hassle-free. 

Please note that this item is Price On Application. Please don't put the item in your basket without first calling the office to get your price. 


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