Sand filters & filtration tanks for swimming pools

Top quality swimming pool filters from Dolphin Leisure. A wide range of filters for domestic and commercial swimming pools to suit all budgets

Filtre superpool top

The Superpool Top Mount Filter with Multiport Valve

The Superpool Top Mount filter with multiport valve has been well-received by the industry because of its  durability, trustworthy performance and smooth gelcoat fibreglass finish. The UV resistant material enables it to operate under prolonged sunlight for years of reliability.

From £493.00 to £1,136.00

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Waterco Swimming Pool Filter

Waterco Exotuf Top and Side Mount Sand Filters

Great value for money, robust, sand filters from Waterco. Abrasion proof, thermoplastic tank for long lasting performance. Easy to assemble and clearly labelled functions on a 6 way multiport valve.

From £388.00 to £844.00

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Waterco Micron sidemount filter

Waterco Micron Bobbin Wound Side Mount Filter with Multiport Valve

Waterco Micron Bobbin Wound Side Mount Filters are the latest addition of innovative filters. Uniquely,  they feature a fishtail lateral configuration, which offers superior filtration by eliminating the dead areas commonly associated with a traditional star design. They are manufactured from the highest grade of non-corrosive materials and employ the latest in fibreglass winding technology. Micron Fibreglass filters are designed and built for many years of trouble free operation. 


From £840.00 to £1,945.00

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hayward SO210T Filter Tank

Hayward Pro Series HB Top Mount Filter

Hayward Top Mount Filter Tank, complete with 7-way multiport valve, pressure gauge and stand. A well respected quality product.

From £528.00 to £1,618.00

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Standard 25Kg Bag of Silica Sand

Filter Media for Swimming Pools

It is essential to use filter media in the filter tank. There are now several varieties to choose from, including standard silica sand, and Durafilter glass media. All come in 25Kg bags. 

From £39.95 to £49.95

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Hayward SO244S filter tank

Hayward Pro Series HB Side Mount Filter

Hayward Side Mount Filters with  multiport valve, pressure gauge and stand are a well respected quality pool product. 

From £673.00 to £1,802.00

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Tagelus TA 60 Sand Filter

Tagelus Top Mount Sand Filters

Tagelus Top Mount Sand Filters with 6-way Multiport valve, pressure guage and stand. The unique, patented process creates a one-piece fibreglass reinforced tank with superior strength and durability. Tagelus filters are equipped with a 6-position, clamp style, top mounted multiport valve.

From £729.00 to £1,124.00

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Triton TR100 swimming pool sand filter

Pentair Triton Sand Filters


The original and still the industry standard. The patented 'GlasLok' process, fibreglass reinforced tank with UV resistant surface finish offer years of unequalled strength and durability.

From £855.00 to £1,866.00

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Slx plus 124

SLX PLUS Bobbin Wound Commercial Filter

SLX Plus Bobbin Wound commercial filter. A great commercial filter. 

From £4,860.00 to £16,715.00

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Lacron HZC filter

Lacron HZC Horizontal Tank

The HZC filter is specially designed to be suitable for installations requiring a high filtration surface area. The main tank structure is made from extremely hard wearing glass reinforced polyester.


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LSC lacron filter

Lacron LSC Side Mount Tank Commercial Filters

Lacron LSC sand filters are specifically designed for light to medium commercial installations.

From £1,915.00 to £3,296.00

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A White filter

HCF Series BA 1000

High performance sand filters made of glass-fibre reinforced laminated polyester, and are well suited for large pools and water parks.

From £3,254.50 to £15,488.40

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Filter pressure gauge

TLX Mild Steel Filters

Designed from experience working in the industrial water treatment sector, TLX filters are recognised for their strength, high resistance to corrosion, and design flexibility. 

Typically for use in municipal swimming pool filtration, commercial fish farming, water process industries, and chemical treatment plants, among others. 

Bespoke filters can be produced to suit specifications including varying bed depths, steel plate thickness and port positions.

POA - Please send us an email:


From £0.00 to £328.50

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Certikin Alpine Deep Laminated Filter

A range of laminated polyester filters with 1.0mtr media bed depth. Available with lateral under drain system or nozzle plate option. An ideal solution for refurbishments, light commercial pools, hydro-therapy pools and commercial spas.

From £114.00 to £6,360.00

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Lacron LCX

Lacron LCX/LCP Commercial Sand Filters (1.2m bed depth)

Manufactured from laminated polyester, the Lacron LCX/LCP commercial sand filters are extremely robust and hard wearing. Available with either metric or imperial connections for your convenience and have a standard 5 year warranty.

From £274.00 to £21,366.00

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Alpine Plus Deep Filters Laminated Polyester

A range of laminated polyester filters with 1.2m media bed depth. Available with a lateral under drain system or a nozzle plate option. This is an ideal solution for refurbishments, light commercial pools, hydro-therapy pools and commercial spas.

From £89.65 to £8,443.00

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0000367 brasil blow moulded sand filters 300

Brasil Sand Filters Top or Side Mount

Great value sand filters for small swimming pools.


From £244.00 to £422.00

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Fot01 hydroswim side blue

Hydroswim Filters

The Certikin Hydroswim sand filter is available with either a top or a side mount multiport 6-way valve. Manufactured from polyester resin and glass fibre, Hydroswim filters come with pressure gauge, manual water drain and a manual air vent. The maximum working pressure is 2.5Bar (test pressure 3 Bar) and the filtration velocity is 50m3/h/m2.

From £486.00 to £966.00

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Vision Filters

Vision Filters With 10" Lid

The Certikin Vision range of domestic bobbin wound filters embodies the latest in fibreglass winding technology, providing a strong and durable tank. The 10” diameter lid on both the top and side mount models makes servicing and maintenance quicker and easier and a hydraulically balanced lateral system ensures optimum flow characteristics during filtration and backwashing. Comes with an impressive 10 year warranty for residential installations. 

From £608.00 to £1,745.00

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Hayward HL TL Filter

Hayward HL TL Filters

The Hayward HL TL is a polyester fibreglass filter for swimming pools up to 189m3. 

From £459.00 to £1,198.00

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Top quality swimming pool filters from Dolphin Leisure.

When choosing the filter for your pool, make sure that the tank is manufactured using only the highest quality of materials so you will have years of trouble free filtering.

We want your filter tank to last you for a very long time so we recommend WaterCo Filters as they utilise the latest in fibreglass winding technology, so the tanks are some of the best in the industry.

A wound tank is more robust than a blow-moulded tank. Spares for filters are available but typically the actual tank is not generally sold as a spare part so it is well worth taking this into consideration.

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