Standard 25Kg Bag of Silica Sand

Filter Media for Swimming Pools

It is essential to use filter media in the filter tank. There are now several varieties to choose from, including standard silica sand, and Durafilter glass media. All come in 25Kg bags. 

Full Description

Features of silica sand: 

  • 25Kg bags
  • Effective filtration
  • Less backwashing time & less pool water wasted 


Features of Glass Media:

  • More eco-friendly - made from recycled glass
  • Cost effective - saves on backwashing, and energy and chemical costs
  • Removes more of the finer particles from water
  • Its angular to sub-angular particle shape and bound silica content provides a 30% improvement in turbidity removal
  • Clean - less susceptible to bio-fouling
  • Longer life span

Note: Bag weight carriage costs are included in the price you pay.


Durafilter Glass Media 25Kg BagAFM Glass filter Media 25Kg Bag

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