Thermalec Heaters - 1 & 3 Phase With Titanium Elements

Thermalec electric heaters have been used  for many varied applications including underfloor heating, canine & equine hydrotherapy pools, baptist pools,  cheese vats, fountains, fish ponds and even shark tanks - there's one in Brighton Aquarium! 

Cast in BS-EN-1561-1997-ENGJL-200 iron, with a heavy fusion bonded epoxy coating impervious to chemically treated pool water, a 1/2" drain valve at the lowest point allows the heater to be left empty in winter. Flow connections consist of easily removable UPVC stub flanges into which the pipes may be fitted using suitable adhesive. As the flanges can be released easily from the heater, no unions are required, nor is any form of heat sink needed. Flow direction is from left to right, but may be reversed quite simply on site following the installation instructions. Heavy duty nickel plated copper sheathed elements with low watt density for long life, are mounted individually in a removable top plate, which allows complete inspection of the interior of the vessel.

Full Description


  • Solid and robust 
  • Ensures years of safe and reliable service 
  • Contact materials are highly resistant to corrosion from pool chemicals.
  • Thermalec® pool and spa heaters can safely be used with seawater pools as well as in demanding applications such as Hydro- and Thalasso- therapy
  • Minimal scale build-up and long element life
  • Submerged heating elements 
  • Patented weir and baffle system increases uniformity of the water temperature inside the heater and prevents direct impingement of cold water onto the elements 
  • Low operating differential thermostats maintain the swimming pool at a virtually constant temperature
  • Minimum risk of operational problems, particularly in pool plant room conditions 
  • Safety interlock
  • Status indicator lamps on front of panel to facilitate troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Thermalec® pool and spa heaters comply with all current and relevant EU regulations and directives
  • Thermalec® pool and spa heaters have a two-year guarantee.

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