Abriblue ImmBox

The Abriblue IMM'AX Cover

The IMM'AX COVER is a motorised, submerged slatted cover providing the ideal balance between safety, functionalities, discretion and aesthetics.


Full Description

The IMM'AX  COVER creates a really special look to the pool area. With the cover submerged and the motor located within the spindle it takes up hardly any space.

Pool sizes from 3 x 3m up to 7.5 x 15m

ABRI BLUE Imm'Ax immersed automatic cover sorts the needs of those who wish to fully enjoy their pool while preserving the esthetic quality of their relaxation zone.

Discreet and esthetic, this shutter merges perfectly into your pool environment by means of its slatted flooring.

Dependable : IMM'AX immersed automatic cover conforms to the norm NFP90-308.

Intelligent motor housed within the axis : The tubular motor of the immersed shutter manages its limit management using external sensors. Capable of sending information to water treatment equipment allowing them to regulate in consequence.

Pratical : Opening and closing manoeuvres can be completed by one person alone using a key command. 3 minutes is enough to open or close the shutter.
The security system offers optimal security.

Economical : Limits water evaporation, reduces cleaning time and maintains water clean.

The shutters opaque slats help to prevent photosynthesis and algae development.

The shutter helps to maintain the water temperature, lengthening your swimming season.

Technical features


Flanges x 2 to anchor to pool wall
Axis x 1 composite axis , Ø200mm, mounted on drive bearing
Electric motor 24 V tubular motor with limit management system
Transformer kit x 1
Opening/closing 3 position key command
Floating shutter cover Composed of slats
Beam x 1 white lacquered aluminium (sand on option)
Beam fixation anchors x 2
Counterweight system to secure shutter cover x 1
Slatted flooring PVC white or sand (aluminium or wood on option)
Removable separation slat PVC slats reinforced by stainless steel
Rails for separation x 2 white lacquered aluminium
Security kit By strap
Conditions of use 4 season use

Details of slats


Slats Extruded PVC with anti-staining treatment
Composition Calcium/Zinc and anti-UV
Width of slats 83mm
Thickness of slats 17,5mm
Heat resistance Excellent
Simplified clipping system Male to female system
Caps Caps welded by manufacturer + removable fins
Colour White, blue, sand, grey, marble blue, transparent polycarbonate, translucid blue, silver bio layer, blue bio layer
Compatible pool shapes Rectangular shapes, for other shapes consult us
Stair option At the end of the pool - consult us

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