Certikin sealed beam lights

Certikin PU9 U/W Light - LED


The Certikin PU9 U/W Light LED, still the most popular choice for new build pools 

Full Description


  • Slim light & niche
  • Light internals (guts) can be installed in older style light niches 
  • Corrosion resistant light plates made of brass/nickel 
  • Micallef style gland inside prevents water entering the conduit 
  • Easy bulb change
  • Easy installation
  • Clip-on faceplate 
  • Easily secured cover plates 
  • PU11H Transformer runs up to 4 Standard (16W) LEDs
  • PU11H Transformer runs 1 Ultrabright (27W) LED 





Certikin Sealed beam underwater light

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