Square tiled Skimmer spa

Domestic Tiled Spas

A new extended range of high quality tiled spa manuafctured in the UK with a 12-14 week lead time. 

**This is a Price On Application product. Please call the office before placing your order**

Full Description

Manufactured in the UK, these highly versatile  tiled spas are available for domestic, light commercial in the Skimmer range. It is the perfect solution for new build or refurbishment projects, and particularly where access is a problem, as it comes with the option of being delivered in two halves.

Fully tiled from the factory in eye-catching glass mosaics, the spa is re-joined on site and the joint hidden by tiling over with the matching tile strips provided. Alternatively, the customer can provide their own choice of tiles.

Available in any size, shape or design, skimmer or overflow, they vary from a two-person spa to one capable of holding a football team. On-site installation is quick as there are no stoppages for curing etc and the design allows access to all fittings after installation.

The Domestic tiled spa’s high specification can be tailored to the client’s requirements. Its features can include water hydrotherapy jets, air jets, underwater lighting, a floating heat retention cover and full support leg kit.

Please note: This product is for supply only.

Please ask for a quotation.

2.25 Octagonal Tiled spa - Skimmer type2.25m Octagonal Tiled Spa - Skimmer Type

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