Hot Tub and Spa Accessories

Hot Tubs or Spas need to have a good quality rigid cover fitted. All new hot tubs come with a rigid cover included. in the price.

The rigid cover will keep the valuable heat in, keep the hot tub safely closed between sessions  and you will save money by using less chemicals.

To assist with the removal of your rigid cover, a caddy or cover valet is a must. It will also help to prolong the life of the cover.

A spa side umbrella is a good alternative to the traditional gazebo rotating a full 360 degrees it offers total protection from the elements whatever time of day.

For extra comfort or for a small family member a hot tub or spa cushion is ideal. A set of sturdy Dura steps and a safety rail will help with easy access into your hot tub by smaller children and 'mature' bathers.

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