Intex krystal clear sand filter

Krystal Clear Filter Pump Pack

The Intex Krystal Clear pump and filter packs are ideal to upgrade your cartridge filtration on splasher pools. Your water will sparkle, and you'll find that the filtration of your pool is far easier.

Full Description


  • Powerful motor
  • Automatic control
  • Built-in, 24-hour timer
  • Easy installation 
  • Option to purchase a rigid pipe conversion kit if you want to use solid pipe with these units

0.25hp Model specification:
• 4m3 per hour
• 10" (254mm) diameter tank
• 0.25hp pump
• 8.5kg glass media or 125kg sand capacity (not supplied)

0.5hp Model specification:
• 6m3 per hour
• 12" (350mm) diameter tank
• 0.5hp pump
• 16kg glass media or 23kg sand capacity (not supplied)

0.6hp Model specification:
• 8m3 per hour
• 14" (360mm) diameter tank
• 0.6hp pump
• 25kg glass media or 35kg sand capacity (not supplied)

0.75Model specification:
• 12m3 per hour
• 16" (410mm) diameter tank
• 0.75hp pump
• 55kg sand or 38kg glass media capacity (not supplied)



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