Badu Eco

Speck Badu Eco Touch Swimming Pool Pump

As a revolutionary innovation, with patented permanent magnet motor, the Badu Eco Touch-Pro II sets new standards in energy consumption, operating costs and water quality. The three variable motor speeds can be programmed individually. It is ideally specified for pools from 30m³ to 70m³ in size.

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  • Corrosion resistant due to high-quality fibreglass reinforced plastics
  • Self priming: steady circulation and uncomplicated installation
  • Safe: motor shaft and pump shaft are not in contact with pool water
  • Highly efficient with an excellent efficiency rating
  • Unions supplied

Whether the pump is used for night time operation at low speed, normal filtration at middle speed or backwashing at high speed, the preset stages will ensure optimal pump performance and economy - the lower the operating speed the lower the energy costs.

It is imperative that only Type B fault-current circuit breakers (AC/DC sensitive motor rated) are fitted both in the supply to the pump and ALL other breakers up-stream from this.

Badu Touch diagram

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