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Azur Sand Filter and FreeFlo Pump Combos- Single Phase

The central components of any pool are the filter and pump. Together, pool filters and pool pumps circulate water through your pool, remove debris, and distribute chlorine and other chemicals throughout the pool. Imagine swimming in a stagnant pond and you will have a good idea what your pool would be like without a filter and pump.

Ultimately, the clarity and cleanliness of your pool water depends on your pump and filter system. When choosing your pool pump, it is important to consider the size of your pool because you need water to be properly circulated in order to prevent bacteria and germs from living in it. Designed primarily for use on above-ground swimming pools, the unique blow-moulded process ceates a one piece, strong and durable non-corrosive tank. This pump and filter system provides excellent performance at an affordable price.

Full Description


  • 6 way top mount multiport valve
  • Maximum operating pressure 2.5 bar
  • Maximum operating temperature 35 degrees
  • Available with or without filter sand supplied


Please note that all electrical swimming pool, equipment must be fitted by a qualified electrician. 

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