Fluvo Xanas


XANAS is an award-winning counter current system that combines modern design with maximum operating comfort. It is characterised by a lower profile design with an intergrated suction.

Full Description

Transform how you use your swimming pool with the Fluvo Xanas Counter Current system, enabling you to swim without turning for your desired length of time. 

Fitness and wellness for the whole family is achievable with the versatile possibilities offered by the Fluvo Xanas; choose your look from brushed stainless steel, ABS white or ABS Anthracite options and a flow rate of between 42m³/h or 54m³/h - suitable for all levels from a gentle breaststroke to a more vigorous, sporting freestyle swim.

Customise Your Fluvo Xanas:

  • Choose your style; brushed stainless steel, ABS white or ABS anthracite
  • Pump Selection; Depending on the power you choose (three phase options also available upon request)


  • Modular build with unique and multiple design options
  • Unique, ultra flat construction
  • Illuminated ON/OFF switch with visual feedback for user-friendly operation
  • Efficient, flow optimised nozzle shape
  • Movable nozzle for an individual adjustment of the counter current
  • Significant turbulence reduction in the nozzle outlet area
  • Effective and reliable air mixing - manual or automatic
  • Integrated suction through a drop-shaped grid for optimum flow
  • Speed adjustable pump with high efficiency IE3 motor
  • Suitable for all pool types
  • Salt water resistant up to 3000 mg/l CI- (0.5% salt content)
  • Hair entrapment safe according to DIN EN
  • Safety and conformity with international regulations and standards through external certification
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