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PoolSan - 100% Chlorine Free Pool and Spa Water Treatment

PoolSan is a safe, effective chlorine replacement. It is a completely chlorine free system that offers efficient bacteriological control in commercial or domestic pools.

A once-a-week check system saves time and ensures a crystal clear, safe, healthy swim for the whole family. No more red or stinging eyes - ideal if you have any members of your family or friends who have sensitive skin.

The 3 in 1 test kit using tablets is the preferred way of testing the water but testing strips are also available.

Full Description

What is it?

PoolSan is a revolutionary range of chlorine-free swimming pool supplies designed for easy cleaning and maintenance of both domestic and commercial pools.

Even if you currently use traditional chlorine-based swimming pool supplies, it's easy to switch.

PoolSan is a saturated complex ionic aqueous solution containing copper, silver, zinc, aluminium and gold. The microscopic action of these natural mineral ions with the algae and bacteria are twofold. First, the algae and bacteria in the water are destroyed through a change in their enzyme processes as the ions break down their DNA structures and cell walls. Secondly, all these charged particles flock together so they can be trapped by a filter. The ions maintain a stable PoolSan residual in the water until they are used up by this process.

Typically, a swimming pool with a volume of 60,000 litres of water only needs to be dosed with up to one litre of PoolSan every 4 weeks, and up to 1kg of PoolSan regenerator every week when the pool is in constant use, or up to one kg every 4 weeks when the pool is not in constant use i.e during the low season when the pool will use significantly less of both products, with regenerator becoming unnecessary during the winter months. The pH needs to be tested using the PoolSan pool tester and maintained at between 7.0 and 7.4, with 7.2 being the desired target. This can be done as and when necessary using the PoolSan pH+ and PoolSan pH- powders. The PoolSan solution is dosed by pouring half the dosage amount directly into the filter intake and pouring the other half of the dosage amount evenly around the pool. The PoolSan regenerator is dosed by scattering the powder over the pool with two thirds being scattered over the deep end while the filter is running. The PoolSan regenerator then needs to be left to dissolve for 15 minutes before bathing can resume.

The residual level of PoolSan is to be monitored by testing the water for copper content, using the PoolSan pool tester. The target level is 0.4-0.8mg/l of copper. It should be noted that the UK and EU maximum allowable limit for copper in drinking water is 2.0mg/l, so your pool water would be well within this limit.

The advantages and desired effect of this pool treatment solution will be to improve the quality of the swimming pool water and drastically reduce the exposure of swimmers and lifeguards to chlorine and its irritating and harmful effects, such as asthmatic conditions.

Used and tested in busy commercial sites, independent water testing shows PoolSan treated chlorine-free water complies with the BSI Code of Practice PAS-39 concerning the management of public swimming pools.  Ideal for use in commercial or domestic pools and spas.

In further recognition of its efficacy, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health approved PoolSan as a complete replacement of chlorine in commercial pools and spas. In the UK, various hotel groups and health clubs now choose PoolSan rather than chlorine in their pools; amongst others, Hilton International started using PoolSan at their eco-certified hotel in Malta over two years ago and is expanding its usage across more of the group.

Changing from chlorine to PoolSan brings many benefits. PoolSan is an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to the chlorine traditionally used in most pools. PoolSan is safer for staff to handle and is easy to administer it assists companies to meet their corporate and social responsibility objectives.

It enables complicity with the COSHH regulations that require safer, less harmful chemicals to replace more hazardous ones such as chlorine if practical. PoolSan will enable your business to minimise its chemical footprint whilst providing an attractive swimming environment for guests and club members. This is the ideal time to convert to PoolSan; companies converting at the moment are seen as innovative and creative, leading the change to better, safer, more ecologically stable pools.


Example : 30,000 Lt Pool (6,500 gallons) 24' x 12' x 52" or 18' diameter x 52"- 500ml (whole/Intial dose)

1 Ltr PoolSan Liquid, 10Kg tub of regenerator+, 3 in 1 test Kit, Ph+ or Ph-

Add once a week when your pool is in use or every 4 weeks when not in use

Now Test Strips for Copper Levels and MPS - Oxygen LevelThe boxed Test Kits are now not available but you may need to use this guide if you have one


  1. Remove the lid and rinse out the compartments with swimming pool water to be tested.
  2. Fill all compartments to the top with swimming pool water to be analysed. Scoop the water from approximately 30 centimetres below the surface.
  3. Add one PHENOL RED tablet to the left hand compartment by tearing open the foil strip without touching the tablet with your fingers.
  4. Add one COPPER No.1 tablet to the middle compartment by tearing open the foil strip without touching the tablet with your fingers.
  5. Add one DPD No.4 tablet to the right hand compartment by tearing open the foil strip without touching the tablet with your fingers.
  6. Use the stirring rod to break down the Copper No.1 tablet as this will not dissolve as quickly as quickly as the other two tablets.
  7. Replace the lid of the POOLTESTER with the arrows pointing towards the printed front.
  8. Once all of the tablets have disintegrated, invert the POOLTESTER several times to mix the contents thoroughly.
  9. Take the readings by holding the POOLTESTER towards natural daylight. Select the nearest colour match against the colour standards and read off the corresponding values.
  10. The value on the left is the pH value, target range between 7.0-7.4
  11. The value in the middle is the concentration of Copper (mg/l) which indicates the level of PoolSan, target range between 0.4 – 0.7 mg/l (read small squares either side of centre copper chamber)
  12. The value on the right is the concentration of Oxygen (mg/l), which indicates the level of PoolSan Regenerator, target range between 3.0 – 8.0mg/l

 NB If using the 1 section Vial Test as above but do individual tests.

For 6,500 gal / 30,000 ltr pool – whole dose PoolSan 500ml

When Copper level below 0.4mg/l add 25% - 50% of whole dose


25% dose of PoolSan = 125ml

50% dose of PoolSan = 250ml


Dose regenerator+ directly into pool water ( in front of return fitting to allow good circulation)

Regenerator+ should be used when bathing has ceased as a shock treatment or 15 mins before bathing begins or at the first sign of a cloudy or green pool.


Dose Rate of Regenerator+ 10g per 1000 litres

30,000 litre Pool = 300g

Apply the required amount of PoolSan by pouring the half dose directly into the skimmer box keeping the pump running to allow re-circulation, add the other half of the dosage evenly around the pool. In larger commercial pools, PoolSan can be added manually or via an automated dosage system. Changing from chlorine to PoolSan is easy. Adjust the pH level to between 6.8-7.4 (target 7.2) then add appropriate dose of PoolSan instead of chlorine when you next treat the pool.
Use copper test strips or electronic test equipment and maintain the copper level between 0.4 and 0.8 ppm.
If required adjust future dosage accordingly. As a guide, when your copper reading reads 0.4 ppm add a quarter to a half of the initial dose.
Keep the pH between 6.8 and 7.4 (target 7.2). Add pH+ or pH- to adjust. This will ensure you have clear and safe water to bathe in. Should the water begin to look cloudy or green, dose with PoolSan regenerator as per dosage instructions. PoolSan regenerator should only be added after dosing with PoolSan.

Dosage Table Guide

In all cases below, ensure the pH level remains within the recommended levels of 6.8 to 7.4 (target 7.2).
The below dosages are based on an initial copper reading of 0.0 in the poolwater.

25,000 litres = initial dose 400ml
30,000 litres = initial dose 500ml
60,000 litres = initial dose 1litre
90,000 litres = initial dose 1.5 litres
120,000 litres = initial dose 2 litres
150,000 litres = initial dose 2.5 litres
300,000 litres = initial dose 5 litres

This table shows the approximate amount of PoolSan required to raise the copper level by 0.1mg/l (ppm).

25,000 litres = PoolSan dose 50ml
30,000 litres = PoolSan dose 60ml
60,000 litres = PoolSan dose 120ml
90,000 litres = PoolSan dose 180ml
120,000 litres = PoolSan dose 240ml
150,000 litres = PoolSan dose 300ml
300,000 litres = PoolSan dose 600ml
Therefore if the copper reading in a 30,000ltr pool is 0.3 and you wish to raise the level to 0.6 add
180ml of PoolSan.
As a guide when the test strip or electronic test meter shows less than 0.4 mg/l (ppm) of copper add a
quarter to a half of the initial dosage. The maximum level of copper should not exceed 0.8 mg/l (ppm).
Dosage levels are only a guide.
Regularly test pool water.

PoolSan Regenerator

For regeneration of PoolSan and shock treatment of pool water.
Treats cloudy or green water and leaves your pool sparkling and clear.
PoolSan Regenerator dissolves rapidly to break down pollutants in the water such as bather waste.
Use PoolSan Regenerator at the first sign of cloudy or green water.
It helps to restore the activity of PoolSan chlorine free pool treatment so that it works to best effect as a pool sanitizer breaking down organic matter.

1. PoolSan Regenerator can be dosed directly into the pool water. It should be used when bathing has ceased, bathing can resume 15 minutes after application.
2. Calculate the volume of water in your pool.
3. The dose rate is 200g of PoolSan Regenerator to 10,000 litres (2,200 imperial gallons) of pool water.
4. Dose into the pool where there is good water movement, or evenly over the surface of the water.
5. Use once a week when pool is in use or once every four weeks when the pool is not in use.
6. High volume bather pools, commercial, may need to treat with PoolSan Regenerator more
frequently. This can be checked by testing oxygen levels, that should be between 3.0 – 8.0 mg/l (ppm)
using appropriate tester.
7. If the pool water is cloudy or looks green on inspection, dose the pool with 200g of PoolSan Regenerator
per 10,000 litres of pool water.

PoolSan Regenerator volumes
25,000 litres = initial dose 500g
30,000 litres = initial dose 600g
50,000 litres = initial dose 1 kg
90,000 litres = initial dose 1.8 kg
120,000 litres = initial dose 2.4 kg
150,000 litres = initial dose 3 kg
300,000 litres = initial dose 6 kg
Dosage levels are only a guide.
Regularly test pool water.
Volume of Water
Always re-calculate the volume of water in any pool to be treated. Most pool owners will have a distorted
view of the volume of water in the pool. This calculation is the basis for every dose of chemical that will be
introduced to the pool and is therefore vital.
To calculate the volume of water:
Length x Breadth x Average Depth = volume of water
Average depth is calculated by (depth in the shallow end + depth in the deep end) divided by 2.
Length 18 mtrs x 8 mtrs Breadth depth in the shallow end 1 mtr + depth in the deep end 2 mtrs,
therefore average depth = (1mtr + 2 mtrs) divide by 2 = 1.5 mtrs.
Therefore volume = 18 x 8 x 1.5 = 216 cubic meters = 216,000 litres

Step by Step
1. Calculate volume of pool (Measure length x width x average depth (eg) Length 8 x Width 5 x Average depth 1.5 = 60 cubic metres = 60,000 litres)
2. Measure pH Ensure pH is between 6.8 and 7.4 aim for 7.2, if pH too high add pH if too low add pH+
pH of 7.2
3. Initial dosage calculation of PoolSan. First, check pool water copper level. Take any level into account
on calculating first dose.
1 Litre per 50/60,000 litres of pool water. Therefore 90,000 litre pool requires 1.5 litres of PoolSan.
Test water for copper level using PoolSan or copper test kit or strips. Ensure reading between 0.4 and 0.7 mg/l (ppm) Add required amount of PoolSan copper level 0.5–0.6
4. Initial dosage calculation of PoolSan Regenerator Add 20gms per 1000 litres 50,000 litres = 1kg
Add required amount of PoolSan Regenerator to ensure crystal clear water.

Public or municipal pools to check oxygen levels are between 3.0 and 8.0mg/l (ppm) (Average depth is calculated by: Depth in shallow end x Depth in deep end divided by 2)

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