Automatic pool cleaner - Hayward 'bug'

Ladybird automatic suction cleaner Whaley automatic pool Cleaner

The perfect automatic suction cleaner for above ground swimming pools. The Lady Bird is both fun and efficient. It is very easy to use as it connects to the vac plate in the skimmer but now the work is done for you.

NB This cleaner needs a 0.75HP pump for optimum operation.

Good News the Whaly is back in stock

Full Description

Magic Clean Pool Cleaner

Everyone loves to watch these cleaners as they move around the pool in a random cycle cleaning the bottom.

The Lady Bird and the Whaly are such fun to watch as they clean your swimming pool, an ideal addition to your maintenance regime.

Please note: These cleaners are not designed to go up the walls and requires the filter pump to be 0.75 hp for optimum operation.

Connects to the vac plate in the skimmer in the same way as a manual vacuum.

The hose is supplied in sections for easy storage.

Hose sections supplied with the Lady Bird and Whaly are enough for a 24' x 12' pool.

Extra hose sections are available for longer pools.

Hayward Magic Clean automatic swimming pool cleaners are ideal for the family above ground pools with a sand filter.


Same workings as the Ladybird Magic Clean is the little whale nicknamed 'Whaly'

 This is also a suction cleaner.

 Connects to skimmer outlet no tools required.

 Unique 'Aquapilot' system ensures every part of the pool is vacuumed.

 Two year warranty Comes with 31ft (9.6m) of hose.

 These cleaners are not suitable for inflatable splasher pools or soft sided Frame Pools.



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