Net to catch leaves in pool skimmer basket

Skimmer Baskets to fit above ground and inground Skimmers. Netskim fine mesh basket nets.

Swimming Pool Skimmer Baskets for Certikin, Hayward, Plastica, Americana, Admiral, Hydrotools and standard above ground pool skimmers. These  help to catch leaves and large debris thus protecting the  life of your pump.

To catch small debris add a fine Skim net over the basket. These fit all kinds of skimmer baskets and are ideal for catching pet hairs.

Certikin Skimmer Vacuum Adaptor is the devise that allows you to connect the vacuum hose into the Certikin skimmer.

Full Description

  • Above ground Standard Skimmer Basket
  • Hayward Skimmer Baskets to fit SP1075-1077, SP1082-1085
  • Hayward Skimmer Basket to fit SP1090,1096,1097,
  • Hayward Skimmer Basket to fit SP1094
  • Certikin Skimmer Basket (5)
  • Hydrotools Skimmer Basket
  • Plastica Skimmer Basket
  • 12 Skim Nets per pack
  • Or buy Individual Skim Net
  • Certikin Skimmer Vacuum Adaptor (Kornea)

    The Certikin Skimmer Vacuum Adaptor otherwise known as a Vacuum Kornea sits securely on top of your Certikin Skimmer Basket. This will then allow you fit your vacuum hose onto the pipe section of the Kornea. The purpose of this tool is to trap leaves and other debris in the basket whilst you are vacuuming. If this item is absent you will have to remove your skimmer basket whist vacuuming and plug the hose into the bottom of the skimmer. The disadvantage of this is that the debris will travel through your pipe leading from the skimmer to your pump possibly causing them to become blocked.

Hayward Skimmer Basket fits SP1075-1077, SP1082-1085Certikin Skimmer BasketStandard skimmer basketCertikin Skimmer Vacuum Adaptor  Kornea Plastic Skimmer BasketHayward Skimmer Basket for SP1090 SP1090 SP1096 1097Hayward Basket SP1094Hydrotools Skimmer Basket Hayward Basket SP1094
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