Dolphin 2 x 2 Pro Gyro Commercial Pool Cleaner

Automatic Dolphin 2 x 2 Pro Gyro Pool Cleaner

Put the power of two robots to work in your pool! 

This heavy-duty, fully automated cleaner with dual brushing action, dual high-capacity, ultra fine filtration systems and a sophistocated gyroscope will expertly clean the entire pool floor and walls with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

Also send us an email if you would like to investigate repairs to your existing Dolphin cleaner. 

Full Description




  • Gyroscopic system 
  • Accurate and effective scanning systems
  • Active brushing system 
  • Dual filtration 
  • 4/6/8 hours cycle times 
  • 40m cable 
  • Suitable for all pool terrains 
  • Remote control 
  • 64gkg weight 
  • Suction rate of 32m3 per hour 
  • Caddy included 
  • 24 months warranty 
Girl with Dolphin 2 x 2 Pro Gyro pool sideDolphin 2 x 2 Pro Gyro in actionCaddy Dolphin 2 x 2 Pro Gyro

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