Tiger Shark 2 Commercial Robotic Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

The Hayward Tiger Shark 2 Commercial Robotic Cleaner is a Powerful Automatic Pool Cleaner for all sizes of pool up to 10m x 20m. It has a long cleaning cycle a 7 hour program.

Just place it in the pool and turn it on - relax let your Tiger Shark do the hard work.

Full Description


  • Easy to use - No Installation, just place it in the pool and turn it on
  • Optimised cleaning thanks to the ASCL microprocessor
  • Available with foam brush (tiled pool) or Picot brush (liner pool)
  • Suitable for Commercial pools up to 10m x 2m
  • Adaptive Seek Control Logic microprocessor optimised cleaning routine for each individual pool size and shape.
  • Long cleaning cycle 7 hour program
  • 30m Cable.
  • 2 years warranty
  • Caddy also available to order
Tiger shark 2 with optional caddyTiger shark 2 caddy

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