Aquamatic Safety Cover

All Aquamatic Safety Covers are assembled and tailor-made to your specific requirements.

Full Description

How the Covers Work

A PVC reinforced fabric is attached to an aluminium leading edge bar that spans the width of the pool. A unique Slider mechanism is attached to the leading edge and this slides through aluminium tracking placed either side of the pool.

A marine quality nylon cable cord is also attached to the fabric and threads up and down the tracks onto a ‘Drive Mechanism’, which activates a pair of cast aluminium reels. The Drive Mechanism is operated by a key operated switch. The cast aluminium reels wind up the nylon cables which pulls the fabric through the tracking to close the cover.

To remove the cover from the Drive Mechanism simply activates the ‘Roller Tube’, this winds up the fabric on to the tube just like a conventional reel system used for Solar Covers.

Safety Remote Operated Key Switch (Stop, start or reverse cover at any time).

Available in Stainless Steel (flush fitting only).

What Powers it?

A ‘Powerpack’ hydraulic pump that pumps hydraulic oil through two 9mm/155 BAR rated hoses which are connected to TWO hydraulic motors via a reverse flow manifold.

Each motor independently activates either the ‘Reel System’ or the ‘Roller Tube’ and because there are no clutches involved a smooth and reliable service is delivered time after time!

There is no electrical supply required to power the drive mechanism. Therefore, in the event that the pit housing is flooded, there will be no costly repair bills as all the components in the pit area are unaffected by water.

Choosing your cover

All our cover fabrics are manufactured and assembled under license by Aquaflex Ltd. Having the cover material cut and prepared in the UK has the added benefit of a quicker manufacturing time and reduced costs. 

The cover fabric used for all UK installations is a (BS3424/5A) 630g/m2 flexible plasticised PVC material. The fabric has a high gloss lacquer on both sides and contains a high tensile polyester scrim reinforcing layer to enhance tear strength. This lacquered finish will also enable the fabric to be cleaned far easier compared to other non-lacquered fabrics.

Life expectancy of chemicals

Aquamatic fabric material has a life expectancy of approximately 7-10 years and all have a seven-year pro-rated warranty. Apart from UV and wear & tear, the most common cause of a reduced fabric lifespan is the incorrect use of pool chemicals i.e. continuation of high chlorine levels of ‘Shock Chlorine Treatments’. Having an Aquamatic cover substantially reduces the amount of chemical required to sanitise the pool water as approximately two-thirds of all organic matter is prevented from entering the pool. The cover also restricts up to 90% of light from entering the pool thus preventing algae from growing!

Normal chlorine levels required with an Aquamatic cover can be reduced to 1ppm. If a ‘shock treatment’ is required, we recommend that a ‘Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment’ (Sodium Monopersulphate) is used.

All Aquamatic covers can withstand temperatures from -30/ +70∞.

The Aquamatic safety cover is available in 3 different track styles.

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