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Enjoy your private pool…without worrying about safety. Choosing the integrated Aquadeck® slatted cover system, means choosing the very best solution to protect your children and pets. An integrated Aquadeck® pool cover takes all your worries away.


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Aquadeck has produced slatted cover systems for swimming pools since 1999. We carefully produce all our top-quality slatted covers in-house. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the extensive range of application possibilities, our products are becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe.

Through continuous investment in know-how and the use of an advanced production process, Aquadeck is able to guarantee consistent quality. Class deserves confidence and that is why our products are covered by a rock solid warranty. Our continuous pursuit of quality improvement through innovation has resulted in such advances as a powerful reel motor and the Aquadeck impact-resistant polycarbonate slat with a demonstrably longer service life than a PVC slat.


State-of-the-art technologies and innovative materials ensure that your pool opens and closes completely automatically at the touch of a button. The latest reel motor, available as an option, makes the system even more user-friendly. As a result of the development of this super strong motor, it is now no longer necessary to make a motor well in the pool. This is beneficial both in terms of comfort and apperance.

An Aquadeck is always made-to-measure, both in terms of shape and dimensions as well as type of installation. You can count on our enthusiastic assistance and expertise to help you pick the best custom solution. That is what quality is all about. Enjoying a refreshing dive in your pool begins with dependable technological advances!


Aquadecks anti-algae pool covering fights algae formation.

Thanks to innovative groove technology the water is refreshed and circulated inside the slat, so that the water treatment system breaks down and removes algae. As the cover is opened and closed, water flows through the slats connection compartment with a rotating motion via the grooves. The water picks up the dirt and removes it. A smart solution based on self-cleaning ability.

Innovative. As you've come to expect from us. That is why you should choose Aquadeck.

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