Plain Blue Overlap Liner for 48" and 52" Deep Swimming Pools

Plain Blue Overlap Liners for 48" & 52" Pools

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Full Description

  • Liner fits both 48" and 52" deep pools
  • Heavy Duty 16 thou thickness
  • Popular Mid Blue colour
  • All Prices include VAT & UK Mainland Delivery

Basic tips for a successful overlap liner installation

Do not attempt a liner change on a windy day. Choose a warm dry day to install your liner. This is a stretch in style liner and it will be easier to get a good fit if the vinyl is not cold and brittle.

Prepare the Base

A level base is essential. Clear away any loose debris. Blind out any imperfections in the soil with sand or very fine chippings/dust. Either lay a sand base or use polystyrene sheets purchased from a builders merchants. Tape together the sheeets with fibre tape creating a one piece floor.The polystyrene sheets must be inside and not under the metal wall.

Follow your pool installation instructions by forming the appropriate sized cove of soft builders sand, or install your Dolphin Leisure swimming pool Easy Cove at the bottom of the pool wall. The coving is a vital part of a good installation, ensuring that the liner does not fail around the bottom seam or get forced under the edge of the wall by water pressure.

If you are using Dolphin Leisure 8mm deluxe insulation swimming pool foam behind the liner cut into strips before fixing it to the wall and follow the simple fitting instructions.

Replacement Liner installation

Carefully put the liner over the wall.  You will need at least 2 people for this job. Lay the liner out to allow packing creases to soften and pull into position with the bottom seam lying on the coving. Slowly but firmly pull the liner into place, pulling it up and over the wall. Push the wrinkles out of the floor of the liner by pushing them from the middle to the outside edge. Put a little water ( no more than 1") in the bottom and push all remaining wrinkles towards the wall. Do not continue filling your pool until you are satisfied you will not trap any wrinkles. Do not cut skimmer holes until water is almost up to the correct level then follow your pool instructions.  If in doubt telephone Dolphin Leisure on 01323 766600/08451 30 30 67 for further advice.


Plain Blue Liner installed

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