'Easy Cove' Preformed Coving

'Easy Cove' Pre-formed Coving

All metal walled above ground pools require a cove to be constructed around the base of the wall before fitting the liner. Most above ground pool manufacturers' instructions specify that this is done with 'sifted dirt' or ' washed builders sand'. However, Pre-formed coving is more convenient, more secure and will help in achieving a more professional looking liner fit.

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Pre-formed coving supports the seam where the wall and floor of the vinyl liner have been welded and it also prevents the immense water pressure from forcing the liner out under the wall. Almost all manufacturers describe building the cove out of sifted dirt or building sand! However in wet areas sand or dirt can be eroded and collapse. This could make the liner vulnerable to leaks.

Pre-formed coving? - a better way to go!

  • Saves the mess of a large sand delivery on the drive
  • Quick and easy - no moving the sand down the garden and fitted in minutes
  • Keeps the pool base neat and clean
  • How many pieces will I need?

    12' Round             10 pieces 

    15' Round             12 pieces

    16' Round             13 pieces

    18' Round             15 pieces

    21' Round             17 pieces

    24' Round             19 pieces

    17/18/19x12 Oval   13 pieces

    20 x 12 Oval            14 pieces

    21'6 x 12'6 Oval      15 pieces

    23/24x12 Oval       16 pieces

     24 x 15 Oval         17 pieces

    26x15 Oval           18 pieces

    28/30x15 Oval       20 pieces

    28 x 16 Oval         20 pieces

    33x18 Oval            22 pieces



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