Tileband liner patterns

Patterned Liner Materials and Tile Bands

Plastica Patterned Swimming Pool Liners allow you to have certain freedom of choice.

Full Description

Domestic Liners

Plastica Liners have a 5 year pro rata warranty on all 20 thou and 30 thou liners

The Material is impregnated with an algicide

Points common to all liners

Do not install your liner in air temperatures of less than 10 degrees as the material will become stiff and difficult to fit evenly.

Plastica Patterned Swimming Pool Liners allow you to have a certain freedom when it comes to choosing and mixing various designs but be aware darker patterned materials may show a thin white line along the edge of the weld due to the white base material flowing during the process, this is normal and not a fault, you should also note that Liner patterns cannot be matched along weld lines.

Liner colours shown in print may vary slightly from materials received.

Issues with aesthetic finish are not accepted as a warranty issue.

Occasional vertical weld joins in the wall are unavoidable and are placed at our discretion.

Liners requiring complex drawing or manufacturing may be subject to additional lead times.

Mosaic Tiled Liner Pool with Lisboa Blue Tile BandLiner Patterned Materials

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