Mosaic tile Liner - Floor and Walls

Bespoke Domestic Liners

A choice of UK manufacturerd Liners, for any size or shape of pool. If your liner needs replacement for any reason, you will find a wide selection of patterned or plain liners to choose from. Mix and match a Tileband with a wall or floor pattern to totally individualise your pool.

Dolphin design Motifs are an optional extra which add character to the bottom of your pool.


Full Description

Domestic Liners

Plastica Liners have a 5 year pro rata warranty on all 20 thou and 30 thou liners

The Material is impregnated with an algicide

Points common to all liners

Do not install your liner in air temperatures of less than 10 degrees as the material will become stiff and difficult to fit evenly.

Plastica Patterned Swimming Pool Liners allow you to have a certain freedom when it comes to choosing and mixing various designs but be aware darker patterned materials may show a thin white line along the edge of the weld due to the white base material flowing during the process, this is normal and not a fault, you should also note that Liner patterns cannot be matched along weld lines.

Liner colours shown in print may vary slightly from materials received.

Issues with aesthetic finish are not accepted as a warranty issue.

Occasional vertical weld joins in the wall are unavoidable and are placed at our discretion.

Liners requiring complex drawing or manufacturing may be subject to additional lead times.

Plastica is the most experienced Pool Liner manufacturer in the UK, we have been an established Liner manufacturers since 1976. No other UK Liner manufacturer has our wealth of experience. No matter what shape or size of pool, Plastica know how to make perfect Pool Liners, time after time, after time.

A huge choice of Liner patterns from the ever popular Marble and Mosaic Liners, to the contemporary Delphos and Olympus Ochre Liner patterns, Plastica have the range to ensure the colours and patterns bring out the very best in your pool.

Plastica Liners are produced at the UK’s largest swimming pool manufacturing facility. Our 100,000 sq ft manufacturing plant is equipped with a state-of-the-art CAD system integrated with our computerised Plotter/Cutters.

Using high quality material manufactured in Europe by Renolit. The quality of the product is unrivalled. With a 5 year guarantee, our Liners offer lasting beauty and durability.

It is extremely important that your measurements are only taken from your pool once you have finished building it and not before. If this is a replacement liner you are replacing then remove your old liner before you take any measurements, this is to ensure that your new/ replacement liner fits properly.

Bespoke Liner Calculation - you can use the formulas below to work out a price for your liner then call us to place your order.

We will confirm your measurements and price calculations before placing the order with the factory.

Rectangular constant depth type liners
Surface area of floor = length x width
surface area or wall = perimeter x wall height
Example : Pool size 16' x 32' with constant depth of 4'6"
Surface area of floor = 16' x 32' =512ft²
Surface area of wall = (16' x 32') x 2 x 4.50 = 432ft²
Total Surface area = 944 x 0.0929 = 88m²
Shaped wall type liners
Surface area of floor = length x width
surface area or wall = perimeter x Maximum Depth
Example : Pool size 16' x 32' with Maximum Depth of 7'
Surface area of floor = 16' x 32' =512ft²
Surface area of wall = (16' x 32') x 2 x 7 = 672ft²
Total Surface area = 512 + 672 = 1184ft² x 0.0929 = 110m²
Note: Maximum wall height is used as the factor
in calculating surface area of wall
Hopper and Wedge type Liners
including constant depth pools with floor to floor reveal
Surface area of floor = length x width x 1.3*
surface area or wall = perimeter x wall height
Example : Pool size 16' x 32' with wall height of 3'4"
Surface area of floor = 16' x 32' x 1.3 = 665.6ft²
Surface area of wall = 96 x 3.333 = 319.97
Total area = 985.57 x 0.0929 = 92m²
*1.6 to calculate oval type liners
  1.7 to calculate kidney type liners
  2.25 to calculate for dished and kidney capri type liners.
Round constant depth type liners
 Surface are of floor = the diameter of the the pool squared
surface area or wall = (3.14 x diameter) x height of wall
Example : Pool diameter 20' x 4' wall height
Surface area of floor = 20' x 20' = 400ft²
Surface area of wall = (3.14 x 20') x 4' = 251.2ft²
Total Surface area = 400 + 251.2 = 651.2 x 0.0929 = 60m²
When ordering a Dolphin motif please give us a diagram
showing  where you would like it located on the liner.
Telephone 01323 766600/08451303067 to get a  quotation worked out for your liner price.


Persia grey blue Liner - Floor and Walls Persia sand Liner - Floor and WallsPersia grey black Liner - Floor and WallsAdriatic blue Liner - Floor and WallsGreen Liner - Floor and WallsGrey Liner - Floor and WallsLight blue Liner - Floor and WallsSand Liner - Floor and WallsWhite Liner - Floor and WallsBysantin blue Liner - Floor and WallsBysantin green Liner - Floor and WallsByzance Liner - Floor and WallsClasic marble Liner - Floor and WallsGemstone light blue Liner - Floor and WallsBalmoral  - TilebandBeige oxford  - TilebandBuckingham  - TilebandCarthage blue  - TilebandDelphos blue grey  - TilebandDelphos terracotta grey  - TilebandFlorentine  - TilebandGrey oxford   - TilebandIbiza blue  - TilebandLisboa blue  - TilebandLisboa grey blue  - TilebandMallorca blue  - TilebandMykonos blue  - TilebandMykonos plus grey blue  - TilebandOlympia blue  - TilebandOlympus ochre - Tileband Pompeii blue  - TilebandPompeii grey blue  - TilebandVenus  - TilebandPool Shapes for Liner calculationDolphin motifDolphin motif in poolImpanema blueMosaic Tiled Liner Pool with Tile BandTileband liner patternsPatterned Liner Materials and Tilebands

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