Ultra flo intelliflo

Ultra-Flow Intelliflo Pump

The IntelliFlo is a variable speed pump, and as such it is possible to select a very precise speed or flow to perfectly suit your needs, at any time of the day…and night. 


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  • Lower speed = Less noise
  • Variable speed technology - 1/2hp up to 3hp 400 - 3450RPM
  • Reduced energy consumption by 30 - 90%
  • Operates at the minimum speed required for the application
  • Very easy to install, programme and operate
  • Ability to operate with automation systems using intellicomm 
  • As your poolscape changes, so will Ultra-Flow
  • Built in timer
  • Energy Saving - lower electricity bill and fast payback (1-3 years)
  • Low Noise Level - as quiet as a human whisper!
  • Water Treatment saving optimised water flow = less and shorter filter backwashes = better water maintenance and minor loss of chemical products and filter media
  • Versatile - buy only one pump for several applications (filtration, cleaning, water falls, etc) which reduces maintenance costs
  • Environmentally Friendly - high indirect impact in the reduction of CO2 emissions and direct impact in the reduction of chemicals sent to the drain (backwash time)
  • 3 year warranty
  • Longer Life Equipment - the motor protects itself from damage by adjusting for voltage variations as well as reducing its speed to prevent overheating
Intelliflow remote control

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