Speck Badu Resort PUMP

Speck Badu Resort Pumps

Speck Badu Resort Pumps

True to its name, the easy to maintain Badu Resort's areas of expertise are hotels, resorts and health clubs with large pools and attractions such as massage baths, splash showers, fountains and waterfalls as well as large private pools. Traditionally, these applications are usually served by expensive, heavy-duty bronze and cast-iron pumps but the Badu Resort is a pump with a deeper purpose in mind. 

Thanks to our state-of-the-art reinforced fibreglass plastic, investment costs are dramatically reduced without affecting the pump's prolonged life and superior performance. Field of application swimming pool water circulation is through a filter system. The pump can be installed a maximum 3 m above or below water level.

This monoblock-type pump has an integrated strainer tank. The bellows-type mechanical seal is mounted on a plasticshaft protector sleeve and the motor/pump shaft has no contact with the pool water for total electrical separation.

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  • Resistant to corrosion due to high quality fibreglass and reinforced plastic
  • Strainer basket
  • Self priming for easy filtration and installation above the water level
  • Reliable sealing: maintenance-free closed bellows-type mechanical seal
  • Safe: the motor or pump shaft is completely separated from the swimming pool water
  • Unions supplied

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