Silensor pro 4

Silensor Pro Premium Pump VSD400 - Single Phase

Are you after the quietest of pool pumps? The name says it all... Davey Silensor Pro. The patented water-cooled motor makes Silensor so quiet, you can use it at any time of the day or night.

The Silensor Pro range also comes with a variable speed dial on the motor top to reduce your electrical consumption to a minimum, without losing performance. The Pro comes with 10 filter speed options, plus a backwash mode - easy controls to set & forget.

The Silensor Pro Premium Pump VSD400 is ideal for pool filtration, in-floor pool cleaning systems, connection to external pool controllers, heat pumps and gas heaters.

Full Description


  • Suitable for salt water pools
  • Super quiet 
  • 4.5 Litre leaf basket
  • Weatherproof Rj45 communication port 
  • Built-in loss of prime protection - minimises damage if the pump runs dry
  • Single Phase 50 Hz power supply
  • From 0.1 Kw Up To 1.7 Kw variable power
  • 2-bar maximum operating pressure
  • Efficient design
  • Optional extra large leaf basket 
  • O-ring incorporated unions 


Pump Power Conversions
KiloWatts Horse Power
0.25 Kw 0.33 HP
0.375 Kw 0.5 HP
0.55 Kw 0.75 HP
0.75 Kw 1.0 HP
1.12 Kw 1.5 HP
1.5 Kw 2.0 HP
2.25 Kw 3.0 HP

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