DOC 3 Sumersible Pump

Lowara DOC 3 S/S Submersible Pump

This top quality submersible pump is essential for any drainage uses that may occur whether because of flooding, transfer of water or emptying of hot tubs or swimming pools.

Full Description

Submersible pump for:

  • Emptying of residential sump pits, rainwater tanks or laundry drainage.
  • Garden and lawn irrigation, with suction from rainwater tanks.
  • Emergency draining of flooded basements and garages.
  • Transfer of water from tanks, cistens and swimming pools.


  • Float switch
  • Maximum liquid temperature: 40°C with partially submerged pump
  • Dry motor
  • Maximum immersion depth: 5 m
  • Class B insulation
  • IP 68 protection
  • Lowara DOC 3 pump has a delivery of 145 L/min, head up to 7 m, and passes suspended solids up to 10 mm in diameter. Only available in single-phase version
  • Lowara DOC 7 pump has a delivery of 230 L/min, head up to 11 m, and passes suspended solids up to 10 mm in diameter

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