Fluvo 3

Fluvo Domestic Counter Current Units - C2 Compact

A concept in unique and powerful counter current swimming.

Full Description

  • Feel the power of the elements

    It is certainly not easy swimming against the current. But there is a certain attraction to challenging the sheer volume of water from a gushing mountain stream, playing the game of elements or staying fit with the force of water.

    The fluvo® rondo and rondo NT counter-current swimming systems develop amazing wild water power which means that sometimes they can generate something of a trickle whilst at other times they produce a surging current – depending entirely on whether you want a serious fitness session or just a gentle swim. The intensity of the current can be adjusted very easily with an option to add bubbles if you desire. This makes swimming against the current a revitalising massage bath for various muscle groups in a matter of seconds by means of a simple adjustment. The additional massage hose is designed to provide a deeply relaxing full body and reflex zone massage.

  • This Certikin counter current unit is designed for all types of pools.
  • The unit creates a current which you can swim against, good to keep you fit.
  • The Rondo counter current comes with separate ratary buttons for the air and water adjustment, to provide the desired setting.
  • Fluvo systems are one of the best counter current units on the market.
  • The C2 is a closed coupled unit that mounts directly behind the pool wall.
  • New builds and refurbishments only
  • Fluvokit includes:
  • Motor - 1.9kW
  • Switchgear Cabinet
  • Installation Kit
  • Rondo Faceplate
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