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The Ariblu Open Neo/Open Classic Cover

The Ariblue Open Neo/Open Classic Automatic Slatted covers, offer a lovely athestic look also comfort at an affordable price.


Full Description

- The ABRIBLUE Open Classic allows you to secure your pool, limiting installation work as one cable is needed to link the shutter to your electrical distribution box situated in your pool's technical shelter.

- Opening and closing manipulations are effectuated by one person using the key controller situated at the foot of the shutters axis support. A maximum of three minutes is needed to roll or unroll your shutter (depending on the size of your pool).

- The limit management feature allows the shutter to automatically stop when opening and closing the shutter (when the key command is held in place, conforming to the norm NF P90-308).

- The shutter is locked by using an anti-lifting system giving optimal security.

- In the case of electrical failure, the shutters mechanics are switchable, meaning you can secure your pool.

- The inclination of the shutters axis supports is adjustable avoiding facing or surfacing the pool surround.

- This shutter occupies a reduced space, its motor is contained in the axis, allowing axis supports to be the retracted during the winterizing season.

- This shutter helps to maintain the water temperature, lengthening your swimming season.
Limits water evaporation, reduces cleaning maintenance and helps to keep water clean, therefore, reducing your consumption of pool maintenance products.
The shutters opaque slats help to prevent photosynthesis and algae development.

FEATURES - Open Neo:

- Economical solution...Less evaporation, improved heat balance for longer, more affordable pool use. Cleaner water.

- Discrete and aesthetic...Fits easily on most existing or new pools.

- Perfectly adjustable...Height-adjustable legs prevent friction on pool edges.

- Equipped with travel stops.

- Declutchable motor.

- Maximum pool size 5m x 10m

FEATURES - Open Classic:

- Possibility of purchasing retrofit bench housing.

- Takes up little space on the pool deck.

- Base stand level adjustment.

- Equipped with travel stops.






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