automatic pool cleaner - Polaris 380 boost pump Cleaner

Polaris 380 Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Polaris 380 is an agile pool cleaner and is ideal for all in-ground pools, regardless of the pool's shape, or construction material. Its 3 Jets provide greater vacuum power and faster cleaning and improve the efficiency of the fitration system. The unique mesh bag removes debris before it reaches your pump filter and basket which can reduce filter cleaning by up to 80% a year, prolonging the life of the filtration system. 

Full Description


  • Powered by the pressure of clean water returning to the pool 
  • Skimmer and filter work together to clean the water 
  • In-line back-up valve 
  • 3 vacuum jets 
  • Uninterrupted cleaning on all types of pools regardless of shape 
380 Polaris Cleaner
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