Polaris Pool Cleaner - 280

Polaris 280 Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Polaris 280 runs off a separate booster pump, working independently from the rest of your pool system. It enables the 280's double jets to provide greater vacuum power and faster cleaning. It vacuums, sweeps and scrubs the bottom and walls of any size in-ground pool, whether your pool is made from concrete, fibreglass or vinyl. The extra-large bottom opening picks up large debris. One of the few cleaners powers by water pressure returning to your pool, the unique filter bag removes debris before it even reaches your pump basket and filter, which can reduce filter cleaning by up to 80% a year, and this in turn can prolong the life of your filtration system. 





Full Description


  • Double jets
  • Cleans any type of pool
  • Large bottom opening for large debris 
  • Powered by water pressure returning to the pool 
  • Unique filter bag helps prolong the life of your filter system 
Equipment & AccessoriesPool Cleaners, booster pump, Suction
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