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Aqua Drolics - Childrens Water Features

Fantastic range of water features for children's pools made by Aqua Drolics.

Full Description

The water play products and interactive water features are child friendly and give something extra to your swimming pool. These aquatic play features are highly durable with regular maintenance. The long durability is made possible by using high quality materials, like: polyester, fiberglass mats and resin.

The majority of the spray features are provided with water spouting effects and are interactive, guaranteeing water fun! Children can use the hand pumps to operate water jets themselves and, for instance, fill a tumble bucket with water.

Most of these products have a built in hand pump or a spraying feature.

Children can have great fun moving the handle up and down, after which the product starts spouting.

Great advantages are:

  • Children are very active
  • You need no separate water supply
  • Everything will be protected very well by means of a rubber cuff.
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