Walu starlight

Walu Starlight Manual Safety Cover

The Walu Starlight Manual Safety Cover is aesthetically pleasing and has a refined performance for safety. It is designed especially for Rectangular Pools.


Full Description

Walu Starlight is an enhanced and refined version of the popular Evolution model. The support poles for the starlight are inversed so the half-round suspends beneath the cover giving a more aesthetically pleasing look to the visible cover surface. The end of the support poles are formed with flattened profiles which allows for a closer and flatter fit to the coping stones.

The main benefit of these features however is that the inversed poles mean that the cover is easier to handle, with both the winding and un-winding being smoother operations.

NB Walu Starlight is designed for use on rectangular pools only (with or without steps and ladders) so the inversed support bars can sit neatly between the coping stones and as such, coping to coping measurements must be supplied when ordering.

Technical specifications

PVC sheet 650 g/m2
Average cover weight: 1250 g/m2

Double-grooved anodised aluminium and flat end pieces
Profile: half-round Ø 46 mm

Fasteners & hooks
For safety:
with straps and stainless steels ratchets on the widths (quick and simple)
For bad weather: anti-lift kit with cabiclic cords on the lengths (a "plus" for winter)

Roll-up system
Manual rolling: crank system
Motorised systems (optional): WALU COOL or WALU MATIC


  • Even easier to handle
  • A high-end, exclusive look
  • Rolling possible on two sides for greater versatility
  • Fastening on the lengths with cabiclic cords and stainless steel anchor bolts
  • Cover anchored to the ground with stainless steel pop-up anchor bolts with bushings on each width


Opaque versions

Blue Emerald Swiss green Sand Grey Anthracite grey

Translucent versions

Blue translucent White translucent

Quick Fastening System equipped with stainless steel ratchet straps with quick release.
For quicker locking and unlocking of the cover! Simplifies and facilitates its winding and unwinding.
With this system, you no longer need to thread the straps in and out and earn as much time at the handling.

Walu Flattened BarsStarlight Cover   Blue

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