Walu deck

Walu Deck - Mobile Safety Deck

Both a shelter and a safety cover, suitable for use all year around, WALU DECK offers the best of protection whilst optimising the space available. The pool can be used as a play area, a place to relax or an outdoor dining area.


Full Description

Walu Deck - Mobile Safety Cover

The new Walu Deck is both a timber deck and a safety cover, but most of all it is a space optimiser. Suitable for year round use, the Walu Deck can be used as a play area, a place to relax or outdoor dining area over the pool, and when the pool is needed the deck easily rolls open and becomes surround decking to the pool.

As a modular system, the Walu Deck can be installed on most domestic pool shapes and sizes, so long as sufficient firm, level ground is available around the pool. The system is based around an aluminium frame which rolls along tracks on rollers with stainless steel needle bearings. The deck closes completely and is entirely rigid with modules which roll together, fasten with a quick acting mechanism and then lock against the track. It needs no electrical connections and is easy and quick to install - all required fixings and timbers are supplied, the deck is finished in an attractive, hard wearing high quality timber.

  • The locking system is totally safe for your children and pets
  • Prevents evaporation and avoids heat loss
  • Easy installation with no electrical connections
  • Quick, effortless operation
  • For existing, newly built or renovated pools
  • For rectangular pools or special shapes with maximum dimensions 12 x 5 m
  • Replacement of any other safety system 
  • Also serves as a winter cover and summer bubble cover

Aluminium frame made up of modules 1.50 m wide, running on rollers with stainless needle bearings.Bearing capacity up to 150 kg/m2.

The WALU DECK modules (1.50 m wide) are moved manually on tracks.

Aluminium tracks are installed along the length of the pool. These tracks must be fixed onto a solid, non-mobile surface (concrete strip or poolside).

Available in 4 finishes : Exotic timber, Thermo ash timber and Timberteck.
WALU DECK can also be supplied without decking. In this case; the deck will not meet standard NF P 90-308.


Maximum pool size which can be covered is 12m x 5m

The ground onto which the Walu Deck tracks are to be secured MUST be SOLID, LEVEL and NON-MOBILE

Only suitable for in-ground pools

Module increments are in 0.5m on the width and 1.0m or 2.0m on the length. The Deck will overlap the pool by a minimum of 0.5m in all areas

The Walu Deck IS NOT custom made to an exact size to suit a particular pool - the nearest size UP will be provided

Systems supplied to order - delivery time is approximately 6 weeks


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