Oval Solar cover - 200 micron

Standard Solar Cover for OVAL above ground pools

A solar cover is essential and should be on the surface of the pool at all times when you are not swimming. A solar cover allows a build up of free heat from the sun during the day, and it will also act like a blanket to keep heat loss to a minimum overnight.

There are many grades of solar cover, and generally, the thicker the cover, the greater will be its heating properties and its lifespan.

Solar covers can also save money by helping to prevent pool chemicals from evaporating into the atmosphere. They are also excellent for conserving water during the hotter summer months. 

Solar covers should replaced immediately if the bubbles have started to burst and/or the cover is 'flaking' or de-laminating.   

Need a specific size? There is a charge for shaping, and a cut out charge and shaping for a bay. Ensure you review what's available to you in the Finishing Options section, and then send us an email: sales@dolphinpools.co.uk 

Full Description


  • 200 micron standard cover - great value for money
  • Blue top and blue underside - looks good on the pool
  • Chlorine resistant to maximise lifespan
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